A race as spectacular as it is empty leaves the seventh of Zaragoza in nothing


Zaragoza, October 13 (EFE) .- A bullfight of the salamanca emblem of El Risco, which replaced the rejected one of El Vellosino, and as bulky as it was void of race, left blank the result and the brilliance of the seventh fertilizer race of the Pilar de Zaragoza fair.

The horns, long-beamed, deep and thick-skinned, some with builds similar to those of the Altamira bison, showed this excessive bulk at the exit, bulky as their antlers were, only that inside so vast containers there was an absolute void of race and strength.

And the saddest thing is that they didn’t take long to prove it, as soon as they fell on the condoms, which they took with noble helplessness, weighed down by the null force of their loins which prevented pushing into the snags. and, even less, by putting the head under the cuirass of chopping horses.

Although without zeal and without humiliation, they let themselves banderilleados without major complications, but the worst came at the moment of killing and they could barely take the crutches in a few bursts very spaced, from very short distance and with their heads high or without exceeding thighs of bullfighters, when they did not stop without remedy.

Faced with such behavior, more or less traced even with the El Pilar hat, López Simón from Madrid and his two companions, Álvaro Lorenzo from Toledo and Alejandro Marcos from Salamanca, did what they could, which was rather little.

Their impossible tasks, sometimes overwhelmed in the utopian desire to get something clear out of such lousy material, weren’t wasted no matter how intent they were on carrying empty, non-existent attacks a few centimeters away, sometimes beyond caution.

In a fair where a handful of truly brave bulls were seen, today’s bullfight was the abyss of a fair that does not leave an unforgettable afternoon.

MAP OF THE PARTY.- Five bulls from El Risco and one from El Pilar, hat of the third owner who was rendered as lazy, all heavily armed and bulky but totally devoid of breed and strength, without play or emotion.

López Simón, in midnight blue and gold: detached cleft (ovation); sting and slit (silence).

Álvaro Lorenzo, cane and gold: deep puncture (silence); puncture and rear split (silence after warning).

Alejandro Marcos, in light blue and gold: six punctures and rear split (silence after warning); rush (silence).

Among the cuardillas, Andrés Revuelta, who also shone with the cape, saluted after signaling the second; like Curro Javier in the fifth.

Seventh subscription celebration of the Pilar Fair, with less than a quarter of the capacity covered -about 1,500 spectators- on a hot afternoon

Paco Aguado


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