A Quiet Place: Day One May Star as Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn


Actor Joseph Quinn, who stole the show and rocked Stranger Things season 4 as Eddie Munson, is in talks for a lead role in the upcoming A Quiet Place movie.

According to deadlineQuinn is in talks for a starring role in A Quiet Place: Day One alongside Lupita Nyong’go. The report had no further information and Quinn’s casting is yet to be confirmed. In case you missed it or want to rewatch it, check out the video below to see Quinn perform the solo from Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” on an episode of Stranger Things.

As for what is confirmed about Day One is that Michael Sarnoski, who directed the movie Pig starring Nicolas Cage, will direct the movie for Paramount. The film opens on March 8, 2024.

John Krasinski directed the first two A Quiet Place films and starred in the original. He came up with the idea for the prequel, but specific plot details are unknown. Given its title, Day One, the movie will likely delve into what happened the day the murderous aliens arrived on Earth. A Quiet Place: Part II opened with a brief look at the terrifying invasion the day before in a time jump, and you can check out that scene in the video below.

Another A Quiet Place movie to be directed by Krasinski will be released in 2025. It is expected to continue the main story and continue after the events of A Quiet Place: Part II.

A The Quiet Place video game is also in development. The two A Quiet Place films have collectively grossed more than $650 million at the box office.

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