A quarter of Spaniards barely watch traditional television


Madrid (EFE).- The scene of a family reunited in front of the television seems increasingly unusual, according to data from a study on content consumption habits, which concludes that a quarter of Spaniards, almost 26 % , declares that he sees little or, at most, several times a month, traditional television.

The “New consumer habits and advertising effectiveness” report was prepared by market research platform Appinio and consulting firm Apache, based on a survey of more than a thousand online consumers. and mobile, from 18 to 65 years old throughout the national territory .

The study confirms a new X-ray of the consumption of linear television, the one that we see free of charge at the time of its broadcast, in sharp decline compared to digital in clear or by subscription.

41.7% of respondents admit watching this traditional format every day, 24.5% several times a week and 8% once a week.

The remaining 25.8% admit that they watch little television: 6.5% of them say several times a month, 3.1% once a month, 5.5% less than once and 10, 7% never see her.

A person watches televisions in a store. EFE

Content consumption patterns have changed and multi-screen behaviors have supplanted linear television, the medium perceived as the most saturated with advertising.

Social networks have also gained ground (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch, etc.), which are consulted daily by 72.4% of respondents, and search engines, which are used with the same frequency, in addition to mobile applications, consulted by 70.4%.

In the case of traditional television, this figure drops to 41.7%, in subscription broadcasts to 42.5%, in digital open television to 43.4% and in YouTube to 45.8%.

Web editor: Nuria Santesteban


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