A professor who screams about Lomlo’s “ideological potito”, “Greta Zombie” and sees Franco as the “wild card” of the left.


Get digital freedom Horacio Silvestre, director of the IES San Mateo in Madrid, Ph.D. in philosophy and literature (classical philology). He is the exception that proves the rule, a teacher who, like few of his peers, refuses to swallow educational indoctrination. will take effect next academic year.

– “In drawing in high school, it is curious that learn to track polygons -lee-: it should be a means of adapting to adverse circumstances and perseverance in achieving a goal related to general benefit“.

– And what does the common good have to do with it? .. – I ask.

– With triangles? Honestly, nothing.

– Is everything dotted with ideology?

Yes Yes. This is shit. Lomlo must be destroyed, it’s useless.

“It’s a picturesque thing,” he tells us. “In the curriculum that they offer in classical culture, in all subjects, there must be a transmission of doctrine.” If you study life in Rome, everyday life, “you must make visible the hidden network care“Care?” I ask. “Yes, this is another key word in this whole ideology. Since women, or women, take care of children and others, it must be conveyed that everyone includes them in their view of things, in their ideology” Curiously, in the book we see, the sample that was sent to the teachers’ publishing house for tasting puts “cities.” Horacio says, “Of course, whoever writes this does not understand this, because all this ideology requires interpretation All these words are like a jar full of good jam, a considerable jar, but often undigested.

What did Plato think about care? Well, well, we know what those ancients were like… “In all these books, one can appreciate one of those vices of modern society, which arrogance. We, from our 21st century, are judging people of the first pre-Christian century”, philosophers, “some chauvinists, some slave traders, people who did not pay attention to care and therefore did not see reality well, because it is based on care, inclusiveness and diversity “, he ironically.

These gentlemen were also not stable, I comment. The Swedish teenager, global warming guru, is featured as an icon in these new books: “There was no one in the world until he came Greta Zombie or Greta Thunberggirl out of school and exploited by her parents.”

Rational concepts, reality are put at the service of emotions and subjectivity, “phantasmagoria”, the teacher points out. “Science, which has been gradually taking shape up to the present day, is being replaced by some beliefs are usually stupidwhich you can’t disagree with.” To many who see this interview, Horacio will seem little less than a heretic.

But is resistance possible, I ask. Are you free not to choose these books? “There is a problem,” he answers, “that the law is obligatory and it should be reflected in didactic programs. But the teacher can lead his class with notes … “. We’re talking about escaping. “Obviously, that’s another thing that all these people don’t understand. the power of alcoholicsthat you can impose a way of speaking, you can force people to write in a certain way, but if this is not reflected in reality, it will remain a dead letter. Well, you put it there (in the schedule) and the inspector is calm. What you do is modestly dodge all these traps against knowledge and decency,” he justifies.

What can happen, says Horatio, is that “it could become a forced overtime course.” ad hoc inclusions made by some education authorities. They can force it. And you have to go, because if you don’t, you will be fined.” The work of the “apparatus” has already begun. “Someone from the union came the other day and said that they were negotiating to explain all this to us. And I said, well, look, not here, we don’t need it here, I’m sorry.”

Conspiracy of Fools. It can be said that all parties involved are aware that legit content is being transmitted. — Yes indeed. Someone is suggesting something that they know is not true, so that someone else who knows it is not true will know about it… or so they will know. Young children may get confused because they have no experience, but they will eventually notice. And all of them are…” After all, it is true that women do not enjoy the same rights as men, but only work. “It’s absolutely cynical, because if they really believe it, then put them, I don’t know, in a sanatorium. Fits in the head.”

Several teacher demonstrations against LomloNot even on the streets. Horacio reflects on this: “I don’t know if this is for better or for worse, unfortunately, but our profession in a very large percentage of cases consists of left that they should consider whether their political attraction, which is very respectable, is based on concrete data, on scientific principles, or simply on faith and hatred for everything that has been done so far. just because he did Franco who is a joker. Well, look, I don’t know, Franco died 40 years ago, I was 16, and I think that if something was wrong, then it was time to fix it. evolve”.

The director of San Mateo goes further: “I contend that after the Transition it became a leftist farmhouse. They don’t let anyone in, which no one can say otherwise. education. The educational contract is to do what the PSOE wants or left currents. He must not give up for the common good.”

We asked about ideology strange, mixing gender with the so-called gender identity. “What used to be called perversion of minors is being done in this whole case. With all the complications that hormonal development has and the transition from childhood to adulthood, that is, that period is so difficult to distinguish that it is adolescence. He knows that what he just said will be subject to criticism and we don’t know if there’s anything else, even if it clears up something obvious that “what everyone wants to do with their life is a different matter. “.


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