A Preston fan has been banned for life for joking that he booed Queen Elizabeth II’s minute of silence.

FROMchampionship side Preston North End banned a fan for life from their Deepdale stadium after he tweeted asking if he would be ejected from the ground for booing during a moment of silence in honor of the deceased queen elizabeth ii.

This decision was widely criticized in certain English football circles, but Preston North End argued their position.

They justified the drastic decision by claiming that “the fan crossed the line” and “associated us as a club” with the comment.

Preston North End’s rationale for a lifetime fan ban for a tweet

“As a football club, we recognize the right of every person to freedom of speech and personal opinion,” the Daily Mail club said when asked about it.

“In this particular case, a series of tweets were made public and associated with this football club by association.

“One particular tweet, which has since been deleted, crossed the line of acceptability and tying us as a club into a stadium ban.

“As with all decisions, if a person makes statements about why our decision does not match their actions, we will always listen.”

It was also revealed on social media how the club informed a fan that they were banned for life.

“According to your comments Preston North End they don’t want to be associated with you, so you get a lifetime ban, ”the message allegedly said.

“Your subscription and club account are blocked for use.

“This ban applies to all Deepdale matches and all reserve/friendship/youth team matches.

“The police have been informed of this.

“This prohibition also applies to your access to the Preston North End, including the shop, ticket office, and buying or receiving away tickets at the club.

“If you enter the club during this ban, you will be ejected and other actions such as injunctions or police intervention may well follow.

All football clubs where Preston will also be informed of the ban.”


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