A Polish mayor waves to Salvini a T-shirt with Putin’s face on it as he visits the border


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Italian leader visits Poland Matteo Salvini Disrupted after the mayor of the border town showed the coalition leaders a shirt with the image of the Russian president, Vladimir Putinin Far-right politicians didn’t hesitate to pose before invading Ukraine.

The incident took place in the town of Przemysl, the mayor of the town, Wojciech Bakunwanted to personally express his dissatisfaction with Salvini in front of the former Italian interior minister and the media.

When Salvini himself went viral on social networks, waving a T-shirt emblazoned with Putin’s image, as he himself posed in front of the Kremlin, Bakun expressed his dissatisfaction with the visit. “We’re here to save lives,” Salvini replied In English, as seen in an image posted on Facebook by MP Pawel Zastrowski

The video continues as Salvini leaves the area, amid shouts and insults from those present, who are clearly unhappy with the presence of the area, with one of the European politicians offering Putin’s best words in recent years.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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