A new case of US police brutality: shot from behind and killed a man in a wheelchair


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A sort of police officer From Tucson, Arizona, Shoot For a disabled person who is going to In a wheelchair After being accused of stealing a toolbox from the store. intermediary, Ryan Remington Has been fired.

The incident happened this Monday.Victim, identified as Richard Lee Richards According to the picture, the 61-year-old was in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in Tucson. When the victim was accused of robbing and threatening a worker, the police approached him when he asked for a product ticket. Buy it or not.

“According to the clerk, he met Mr. Richards outside when he left the store and asked to see the receipt in the toolbox. Instead of providing the receipt, he took out a knife and said,’This is your receipt.’ “Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus explained.

The video that has been played shows images collected from three cameras: A security camera in the parking lot, a body camera from the police and a security camera from the store.

It shows how the victim refused to comply with the agent’s request to keep the knife and prepare to return to the store.This is when the police intervened Give him an ultimatum not to enter. The victim ignored his words and immediately fired nine shots at his back.

The Mayor of Tucson, Regina Romero (Regina Romero) described the agent’s behavior as “unbelievable and untenable.” He added that he supports the county attorney’s office to conduct a full investigation.

“It is such a moment that tests our determination to ensure justice and accountability,” the mayor said. “We owe all the citizens of Tucson. I ask our community to remain calm and patient when conducting investigations,” he added.


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