A new bump shakes Jorge Javier Vazquez’s health


This ‘damn‘ of help me continue.After a summer characterized by Covid and into Peru, Jorge Javier Vazquez finds himself facing another disease. Two months after triggering all alarms due to health concerns, host announces he has Virus This is yet to be determined.

Through his Instagram account, the man from Badalona shared a critique from one of his haters to explain how he was emotionally expressing. As he himself showed, a user from the 2.0 universe wrote to him that he saw him very “chubby face”, help me He replied bluntly: “I have a virus that they are trying to identify, I think since the holidays. Yeah, I’m not the best. Indeed, I haven’t had a drink in three months. Thank you for worrying about me”. With this comment, Jorge Javier slammed all the rumours about him Health statusexcept for some attention among his most devoted followers.

Jorge Javier Vazquez / Instagram

One of Mediaset’s most visible faces isn’t in optimal health.Last August, while he was enjoying his vacation Peru, the correspondent suffered from altitude sickness and he had to be hospitalized. A healthy setback that leads to pulmonary edema, not easily recovered. “Four hyperbaric chamber sessions to get rid of pulmonary edema, corticosteroids, antibiotics and more! party. The food was great, but I kind of liked it because my throat was swollen and every bite I took was a knife into my soul,” he shared at the time.

Just two months ago, Jorge Javier covid positive, which took him off the small screen for a few months. It is precisely because these few days were complicated, but he quickly returned to work, was warmly welcomed by the audience, had no sound, and lost a few kilograms in weight. “I’ve been swiping, swiping,” he joked.

Now this new Collide Just in recent weeks, there have been all kinds of controversy surrounding the host’s image.Yesterday, he himself shared the letter on his Twitter account His lawyers have already dispatched Vox. In the days leading up to the celebration of “Viva22”, the annual macro event organized by the Abascal Party in Santiago, it is known that one of the singers who will be part of the poster is the rapper Santaflow, who mentions the host in the lyrics: “I want to fight Jorge Javier’s gay”.

Visible faces after being told the young man will be part of a political event help me He sent a letter to Vox Spain’s national headquarters, asking them to take “appropriate measures” against the singer so as not to violate the host’s right to honor. A message, the famous communicator is accompanied by the following phrase: “There is no room for silence about hatred, because silence kills.”


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