A month without Queen Elizabeth: ‘victim and salvation’ of the monarchy


Light queen isabelle It closes shortly after 3:00pm on September 8th.Two days before her death, the ninety-six-year-old longevity monarch was in Balmoral Castle Until the last prime minister he met, Liz Truss. No one expected at that time that the life of the monarch was coming to an end.

A year after her husband passed away, Philip of Edinburghjust two months after celebrating her platinum jubilee, after more than 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign gave way to a stage of mourning, Carlos III’s long-awaited momentthe eternal heir in the shadow of his mother.

A month after the monarch’s death, the mourning for the monarch is over and the first steps towards a new structure for the institution have begun.

A somewhat turbulent start king charles, which is highly criticized for its sometimes inappropriate attitude, is not without controversy. However, the new monarch also received numerous accolades and received quite a few group baths.

Just a day after the royal family left in mourning, the kings reappeared in Scotland, where they were applauded by the crowd: “My dear mother will be delighted,” the king said, accompanied by Camilla. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “overshadowed” the event’s glorious comeback. After Carlos wished all the best for their return to California, Enrique and Meghan shared their new official images, highlighting who are valid members of the royal family with an institutional portrait featuring only the king and the king. Prince of Wales


Despite no public statement about the family crisis, the split between the Windsor family is palpable, especially when Carlos himself has not even commented on the possibility Archie and Lilibet Obtaining the title of Prince, even if it does not carry the treatment of His Royal Highness. Disagreements inevitably damage the image of the royal family, whose “glue” has so far been the queen, the sole guarantor of its unity and survival.

collateral damage

Aside from the cases of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the other major victims of King Charles’ restructuring will be his brothers, especially Prince AndrewBoth the Earl of Wessex and Princess Anne have appeared on a number of dates in recent days, which still suggests they will continue to be part of the “corporate” structure for the time being.However, although princess beatrice She moved up a position in the line of heir and could also be Secretary of State, and the silence around her father, the Duke of York, was absolute. It was only a matter of time before King Carlos made a decision on his brother, the sentence of his expulsion is now irreversible, especially now that he no longer has anyone to protect him.


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