A month after Queen Elizabeth II’s death


nearly a month laterQueen Elizabeth dies suddenlyl, There are still many unknowns about the life of a woman who has undoubtedly become one of the key figures in recent history. The mother of the current monarch who has reigned for more than seven decades, and perhaps one of the world’s most famous and recognizable women — dare we say the most — her legacy is enormous on every level.

Queen Elizabeth was in Balmoral shortly before her death a month ago. / Getreth

despite living queen isabelle Has been the subject of numerous expert studies, has been brought to the small and big screen – more or less controversial – and there have been many books analyzing his career, and now, for the first time, a full biography is presented in Spanish.

Camilla Parker, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth
File photo of Queen Elizabeth with her eldest son and Camilla Parker. / Getreth

She has been a journalist and a political scientist Ana Polo Alonso One who has embarked on the challenge, in which she reveals some hitherto little-known details to the public about the life of the record-breaking monarch.A woman whose fate is not the throne, because of her uncle’s resignation, she does not want – or may not be able – to stay away from the woman she loves and take the time Duke of YorkQueen Elizabeth’s father.

The whims of fate wanted the shy young woman to be dutiful, the exact opposite of her former King’s uncle Edward VIII and her sister Princess Margaret, to become one of Britain’s longest-lived monarchs. The world is a benchmark at all levels.

queen isabelle
A new biography of Queen Elizabeth of Spain. / polite

Ana Polo Alonso Despite controversies and scandals, she has managed to adapt and maintain a royal image, subtly revealing the ins and outs of women’s lives. A woman has survived unscathed in some of the most dramatic events the institution has experienced, even though her ascension to the throne was the result of one of them.

Queen Elizabeth and her dog / Gtres
Queen Elizabeth takes her dog for a walk. / Getreth

Perhaps that’s why she brought her sense of responsibility to the greatest ramifications, which at times caused quarrels and misfortunes with her family, especially with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, and her eldest son, today’s King Charles III. Admirable qualities of a ruler, of which his own father was so proud: “Margaret was my joy, but Elizabeth was my pride”, King George VI once said of his two daughters .


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