A Mexican couple hosted a “Nazi wedding” in Tlaxcala, Mexico.


Adolf Gitler married Eva Brown 77 years ago, April 29th. Now, in 2022, the couple have decided to marry Nazi Germany as their theme. This photo was taken in Tlaxcala, Mexico.

Husband identified only as “Ferdinand,” works as a government official and decided to dress up in a German military uniform from World War II to show his admiration for Hitler.

Bride”,Josephine”, on the other hand, arrived at the wedding ceremony in Volkswagen with a swastika and other Nazi symbols, as well as photographs of the dictator.

Their son was named Reinhard in honor of General Reinhard Heydricha high-ranking Nazi officer, and her daughter was named “Hannah” after Hanna Reitscha woman who was part of Hitler’s pilot team.

“I understand that for many people Hitler represents genocide, racism and violence. On the other hand, people make judgments without knowing all the facts and without believing in the winner’s story. Hitler was a vegetarian who saved his country from starvation and returned to his people the lands lost during the First World War. His friends and family adored him. We were led to believe that Hitler was a racist, but he came to greet Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics, the newlywed told a Mexican news agency. MillenniumAlong with the photos that went viral on social media.

Jewish community shocked

in Simon Wiesenthal Center (CSW), The Jewish human rights organization called on the Mexican authorities to condemn the wedding with Nazi symbols, noting that “Mexico voted in favor of the United Nations resolution condemning the distortion of the Holocaust and has repeatedly condemned all forms of racism.”

“We have not seen any verdicts or actions from the state or human rights organizations condemning this outrage,” Shimon Samuels– said the director of international relations of the Wiesenthal Center. We hope that the Mexican government will take the necessary steps.”


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