A memorable purple night for Dalvin Cook as he flew over the Steelers


TOafter missing one game with a shoulder injury, running backwards Dalvin Cook made an astonishing comeback 205 yards off the ground to lead the Minnesota Vikings to a painful 36-28 victory over Pittsburgh Steelers who did not miraculously return to his NFL Week 14 opening game of traditional football Thursday night.

Dalvin Cook’s 205 yards on the ground is the maximum for any player in 2021 NFL season

Minnesota’s total domination in the first half

The Vikings had an overwhelming lead during the first half and early in the third quarter, in which they generated a 29 point lead that was within 12 yards of a loss.

Led by rookie running back Naji Harris and veteran quarterback leadership. Ben Rotlisberger, The Steelers scored 28 points in 13 minutes of effective playing time to be on the verge of a draw that would have led to overtime, but the move from Big Ben to Pat freiermouth until the end zone could not be caught by the tight end of Pittsburgh, and Minnesota’s victory was sealed.

The score started in the first quarter with a landing pass 14 yards from Kirk Cousins ​​- Justin Jefferson

Cook’s show was already underway but peaked with a 38-yard field goal. Greg JosephThe Vikings grabbed the ball and scored on a spectacular 29-yard shot of the star running backwards.

Cook himself at half-time brought the score to 23: 0, making a second effective hit, this time at seven yards. In the first half, the run was 153 yards on the ground.

Pittsburgh’s Furious Return

After two more outfield goals from Joseph early in the third quarter (42 and 25 yards), Ben Rotlisberger interrupted the Steelers’ defeat with a three-yard touchdown pass on the aforementioned. Naji Harris

The running rookie scored again early in the fourth period, moving one yard into the end zone.

After the interception, the Cousins ​​Steelers hit within nine points thanks to a second pass from Big Ben East touchdown 30 yards to James washington

Suddenly the Vikings reacted and Cousins ​​threw a 62-yard bomb at K.J. Osbron who reached the promised zone and gave the home team a 16 point lead.

But Pittsburgh didn’t give up, and the two-time Super Bowl quarterback found Freyermouth his third touchdown of the game, this time 15 yards, which, together with a two-point conversion, laid the groundwork for the already described denouement.

What’s next for the Vikings and the Steelers?

With this win, the Minnesota Vikings (6-7) have moved half game away from the NFC playoff zone and will visit Chicago Bears Monday Night December 20 Football in the NFL Week 15.

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ chances (6-6-1) have seriously impacted their playoff chances when they play. Tennessee titans Sunday, December 19th, their next game.

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