A Médecins Sans Frontières ship carrying 365 migrants is allowed to dock in Palermo


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After a few days of waiting, the Geo Barents ship of the non-governmental organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) will disembark in Palermo Port after being authorized. It carried 367 migrants and was rescued last weekend.

“Geo Barents has a port where you can disembark. The joy and relief on board cannot be expressed in words. We are now heading to Palermo (Italy) to bring 367 survivors to a safe place on land,” they announced on social networks

The NGO urgently requested a port where the ship can be disembarked on Tuesday, especially before the hurricane reaches the area.

With the arrival of the so-called Mediterranean hurricane, it is affecting the severe weather in southern Italy Wind speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour and heavy rain, Is arriving at the area where the MSF ship is located, as can be seen from the weather chart released by MSF.

The NGO explained in a note that out of the 367 people on board, 172 were minors, toddlers and teenagers, and 134 were unaccompanied.

Imagine that there is no life jacket on a crowded boat. Imagine being surrounded by waves of up to three meters high when your clothes are soaked and sucked in fuel. Imagine that over time, food and water will run out, and there is no protection from sun, wind and rain. Imagine asking for help but no one responded. This is the reality we witnessed at sea”, Caroline Willemen, the project coordinator on board, explained in the statement.

Recently, the Spanish humanitarian ships “Aitamari” and “Ocean Observation”, which transported more than 400 rescued migrants in the central Mediterranean, arrived at the port of Sicily after waiting at sea for a few days.

Since the beginning of the year, they landed in Italy 52,820 immigrants, compared with 27,113 in the previous year.


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