A man shoots fireworks through the crowd at Shibuya Scramble Crossing 【Video】


It’s amazing that no one was hurt during the unexpected fireworks display.

Shibuya Scramble Crossing has become something of a hotspot for dumb shenanigans in recent years, with one person rolling through a busy intersection in an inflatable ball and another assembly bed on the way to YouTube views.

The last stunt during the race was not only stupid, but also incredibly dangerous because it was involved a man setting off fireworks, not caring about the crowds of people around him.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred around 10 p.m. on November 14, when the man began walking through the intersection, considered one of the world’s busiest, with fireworks in each hand.

The fireworks appeared to have been ignited as the pedestrian signals turned green, and by the time the man reached the middle of the aisle, the fireworks had begun exploding into the sky.

However, not all fireworks were aimed upwards, as one fired vertically, narrowly missing many onlookers.

▼ This report shows the scene as it unfolds.

As the video shows, the fates of two men in particular, one standing in the street and the other passing by, could have turned out very differently if they had been only a few centimeters from where they were.

These people narrowly avoided the high-speed flare, and it’s amazing that no one was injured in the incident, especially considering that about 50 fireworks were fired in total. When the fireworks ended, the man used a loudspeaker to shout unintelligibly at the sky, although his attempts to be noticed seemed to be futile as the traffic just continued, albeit at a slower and more cautious pace, around the man as he continued to stand in the middle of the road .

Eyewitnesses say they believe his screams expressed dissatisfaction with the world, and when he was arrested he reportedly told police he “wanted to stand out”. Police say the man was self-employed in his 30s and are continuing to investigate the incident.

Source: Shinichi Hatori Morning Show via youtube/MESSAGES by Peasant! News by Jin
Picture shown: Pakutaso
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