A man disguised as an old woman mutilated the Mona Lisa in the Louvre


Heymages Mona Lisa A painting smeared with cake cream after a person stamped a cake on it went viral on Sunday, despite the fact that the cake actually collided with the glass that protects Leonardo da Vinci to work in Louvre in Paris.

According to witnesses, the perpetrator was a man in a wheelchair wearing a wig. To the surprise of the other guests, he would suddenly get up and come over Mona Lisathrowing cake at her.

Those responsible for the protection of the museum hurried to push the man out of the room, and the rest of those present continued to photograph the situation non-stop.

Painting created between 1503 and 1519 Leonardo da Vinciwas not hurt because it was open and protected by a protective glass, into which the remnants of sweetness were soaked.

And, despite the surprise of those who were in the museum’s most inaccessible at that time room, always crowded with tourists, the incident did not escalate. As seen in some videos posted on social media, Louvre security personnel rushed to get the assailant out of the building and clean the glass.

Not the first attack on the painting

Attempts to deface, steal or use the 77 by 53 centimeter canvas to raise awareness have been made throughout history for various reasons.

In the 1950s, a man doused her with sulfuric acid, which affected the painting, and a Bolivian student hit her with a rock. A woman in a wheelchair sprayed red paint on her wheelchair when she was at an exhibition in Tokyo in 1974, expressing her dissatisfaction with the lack of ramps, although she never got to it.

In the summer of 2009, a Russian tourist threw a cup of tea at him. The work was stolen over a century ago, in 1911, and went missing for almost three years.


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