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This is a persistent file that is difficult to Paris Saint-GermainIdrissa Gueye has been on Luis Campos’ transfer list since the transfer window opened, but not unpopular. A year after his contract with France came to an end, the midfielder was a small market value for the Paris leaders in need of fresh funds.With this in mind, the club has been in talks with Everton in the Premier League for weeks but has yet to find common ground enough to open the door for other clubs looking to hire his services, such as revealing RMC Sports This morning.

Guye going to Portugal?

In fact, the radio explained that Antero Henrique, who is in charge of the cuts, will start discussions with FC Porto and Sporting. Unlike Everton, who are demanding transfer compensation from Paris, the Senegal international could be released if he travels to Portugal, as reported by the media. What prompted the Toffees to increase their offer, or ultimately drop the track? As a reminder, the former Lille player has agreed with the Englishman, but leaders of both clubs are still discussing the amount of the transfer.


Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Idrissa Gueye can finally take on either Sporting or Porto, with players close behind. In England, Everton want his services.

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