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In the US, a self-taught enthusiast has just recreated the launch and landing of a tiny Falcon 9 launcher. Seven years of apprenticeship, self-made, many failures.

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In 2015, Joe Barnard knew nothing about aviation or programming.The Los Angeles-based resident still challenges himself to achieve Rocket Reusable miniatures on models Falcon 9 Social SpaceX. On July 24, the autodidact, through perseverance, futile trial and countless mistakes, successfully completed his rocket, named Scout F, for the first time.

The first photo of this shoot and return to Earth just aired on the YouTube account Joe Barnard. This enthusiast even started his own company Barnard Propulsion System (BPS.space) to share its progress and develop real professional projects around rockets.He now lives off his support, his professional online store and advertising revenue diffusion His videos on YouTube.

This is the launch and return of Joe Barnard’s Scout F Miniature Rocket. The autodidact shows in his video how he successfully placed bets by learning from his own experience. © YouTube

Meat rocket?

On BPS.space, Joe Barnard explains that he had a college education in music production.Research is far apart aerospace. Hoping to work in this field, he led the challenge to try to find a job SpaceX Trying to impress them with his scale models.

Right now, the enthusiast has limited launch heights, but he’s eager to launch rockets into space suborbital, that is to say at an altitude of almost 100 km. He is now working on a larger model of a rocket with the odd name Meat Rocket, which means meat rocket… When asked why it was called that way, Joe Barnard replied that he wouldn’t give any clues , but this project is insane.

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