A fuel tanker explosion in Haiti killed more than 60 people


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The death toll caused by the explosion of a tanker truck in the north Haiti Rose to 60 people, As confirmed by Cap-Haitien Deputy Mayor Patrick Almonord.

Dozens of people were injured They have been taken to the hospital in Cap-Haïtien, the second largest city in Haiti, Almonod added, detailing their number.

The deputy mayor said, “Firefighters are conducting a preliminary assessment of the number of houses caused by the explosion.”

The explosion occurred at dawn, when 100 people were robbing the tanker because the vehicle was involved in an accident in a block in the center of Cap-Haïtien, Pont Grand Bois et Samarie.

Many injured Has saturated the city’s medical centersTherefore, the government has announced that it will establish a field hospital.

According to pictures circulated on social networks, due to insufficient beds, many injured were treated on the hospital floor.

The accident happened in the country is still in Solve fuel supply problemsThey were released in October last year due to the actions of the armed groups.

Supply shortages have led to the generalization of informal trade and turned fuel into a precious commodity, whose prices have skyrocketed both at gas stations and on the black market.

Last week, the Haitian government announced a substantial increase in tariffs on petroleum derivatives, ranging from 24% for gasoline to 108% for diesel.

Last weekend, the first protest against rising fuel prices took place in Port-au-Prince.

Haiti is experiencing one of the worst crises in recent decades, especially since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise on July 7. The situation has worsened.


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