“A Fistful of Rye”, pure entertainment for fans of the police genre



Espasa publishes a new Spanish edition of the works Christy Agathaindividual books and novels featuring Poirot (from 1920) and Miss Marple (from 1930 to 1976). handful of ryechosen by Andrés Amoros for Los Libros de It’s morning Federicosince 1953.

Many of Miss Marple’s books have been adapted for television and film. Margaret Rutherford, Angela Lansbury, Garldine McEwan or Julia Mackenzie.

Rex Fortescue, a big businessman, is killed in his office. In the pocket of the deceased, a handful of grains of rye. Shortly thereafter, Gladys, Fortescue’s maid who previously worked for Miss Marple, is murdered in a premeditated crime. That’s when Miss Marple decides to help the police find out who is behind these murders for no apparent reason.

This is a very complicated plot, and Christie leads the reader on the wrong track. There is a lot of psychology here, a lot of analysis of English high society and a lot of humor. For example, when her husband dies, she says, “She sobbed almost convincingly.”

Only in the middle (p. 99) does Miss Marple appear, an elderly woman who has enough time to chat and get people to talk. He has a nose for gossip. Somewhat pessimistic: “Life is cruel”; “He always thinks the worst and turns out to be right.”

Have very strong beliefs: “Evil exists and must be punished”, “Men and women are very different”, “You can’t change people”.

A list of characters is placed at the beginning of this edition. Agatha Christie demonstrates her great capacity for intricate and believable intrigue. It is a classic genre with already established rules that is a pleasure for fans of the genre.

Christy Agatha. handful of rye, Barcelona, ​​ed. Espasa, July 2022, 219 pages, €15.90. ISBN: 978-84-670-6660-9



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