A film inspired by independence violence: “They make crime freer.”


Barcelona taken violence independent, which led to the closure of the port of Barcelona in anticipation of possible attacks. We are in October 2019 and the city is going through some very violent episodes led by independents following a verdict condemning the conspirators. Closing the Port of Barcelona directly affects drug dealers because their supply suddenly stops, and they have to find new ways.

Frame from “Centaur”.

This is the beginning CentaurNew film Catalan director Daniel Calparsoro and that this Wednesday 15 premieres on the platform Netflix. The new way will be to get him on the road from Marseille, using the young and ambitious motorcycle racer Rafa (Alex Monner), at full speed to elude the police and civil guards, who will soon spot him in sight.

Calparsoro who takes care of us this movie on the phone from Nigeria, where he is filming a series for Netflix, explains that he took Battle of Urkinaon“because” in such a chaotic context, chaos and fear are generated, and “turbulent river, the fishermen win”, because, in the end, all these things They facilitate the development of crime.more freely“.

The violence that “us Centaur It was really good for us because you’re telling the story of some guys who are having supply issues because the port is closed, so we had to give it some credibility so it didn’t sound like a cheap excuse for them suddenly needing the guy who is on the motorcycle and that’s it.” In this way, “holds the context of the story a bit and helps a lot with believability The same one.”

Frame from “Centaur”.

But in addition, this violence “generates an atmosphere of chaos, defiance and within this defiance”, which also suits the plot of a drug dealer. “It’s not that in a beautiful and harmonious world, a guy does bad things.but what he does for such an important cause as the love of his life, in fact, takes place in a chaotic environment, and in this chaos a situation of need for freedom is created.

Rafa gets involved with drug dealers only to save the life of her former partner and the son they both had as she owes them money. “He’s rebuilding his son and his partner, and there’s a bit of ambivalence in the story, yes. the most important thing is your family or your hobbyas Rafa is immersed in some sort of selection tests for an important team. So we see the boy overwhelmed with his work, pilot tests and I drive at night at a speed of 200 km / h, I bring drugs from France..

Frame from “Centaur”.

For action scenes, one of Calparsoso’s specialties (one hundred years of forgiveness, Combustion…) did not skimp on resources, “specialists, machine tools and very sophisticated equipment were needed”, because “it was necessary to achieve screen transfer rate and true.”

Rafa’s passion is speed, “he wants to enjoy it, to live to the limit.” The Catalan director cites as an example “saving distances”, a film by Kathryn Bigelow, pain locker, about a guy who defused bombs and told his son that the most important thing in life is that when you find what you like, you do it. Centaur “We’re talking about the same thing, he discovers his passion is speed.”

frail pimp

Daniel Calparsoro tells us that while playing Rafa, “a character with sharp edges,” he always knew he would Alex Monner (Living without permission, Below zero), “actually I had to convince him because he didn’t understand why I chose him, he told me ‘but if I’m not this character, it’s for another actor'”. However, the director was very clear on this, and he was right, as can be seen from Centaur.

“Alex kept telling me that motorcycles were a world that he didn’t know, that he wasn’t interested in, but still little by little he got into it and I think he did a great job because he not just a pimp or a pimp who is too, but very human, otherwise it could be a cold affair.”

Frame from “Centaur”.

Calparsoro tells us that “Alex Monner is a guy who has very good human qualities and is able to show fragility and strength at the same time, something very complex in an actor, and at the same time has that fraudulent moment that you like. In fact, he compares him to James Dean.

the future of cinema

After the pandemic, the public has not yet returned en masse to cinemas, except for major Hollywood premieres. Calparsoro believes that “movies have more lives than a cathe is always left to die and then always brought back.” We’re currently in the moment crisis that youIt has more to do with technology, usage and habits. people and, above all, with new generations.

According to the Catalan director, these new generations are “no longer into Hollywood films or auteur films” because “they have a different code, because they are addicted to Tik-Tok, Playstation, mobile phones, social networks…” So, “The world has changed and we don’t fully realize it.”

However, he is optimistic that “there will be new directors who will understand this and will know how to give the public what they need or what they are looking for”, because “at the end of the day, cinema is a matter of connecting with people.” But in parallel, “the same people are very hooked on platforms, series, movies, it happens that they see them on the iPad”, where “the language does not change, what changes is viewing experience, a much more alienated and much more lonely thing“. With all this, Calparsoro believes that”they will be back in theaters when we give them what they can’t get on a tablet.

Daniel Calparsoro says goodbye to us from Nigeria, where he finishes filming the series up to the sky, “this is a sequel to my film of the same name, which Netflix commissioned me to continue the story and characters.” It will have 7 chapters and is now in its final stages after filming began on February 13 in Paris and then moved through Madrid, Lisbon, the Algarve and Galicia.”

Meanwhile this Wednesday premieres Centaura film about speed and drugs, but above all about people looking for a dream, on Netflix.


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