A dream that Monica Naranjo was able to achieve thanks to Minions: Gru Origins.


New film Minions: Gru’s origin it’s already in theaters and after its opening weekend, the film was the highest-grossing animated film since its premiere frozen 2.

Minions: Gru’s origin installed in 70s and tell me how GRU develops a plan to prove he’s evil enough. Fortunately, he is helped by his diehard minion fansalways ready to wreak havoc wherever they go, in which they will unleash their potential to build their first lair with Gru, experiment with their first weapons, and complete their first missions.

On the occasion of the premiere this movie had the opportunity to speak with Monica Naranjowho voices the new villain Donna Discoand with Florentino Fernandezwhich repeats again as a voice Gru.


Monica Naranjowho faced his first dubbing confessed to EsRadio that “it was a gift” because “it’s been a long time since I dreamed of bringing an animated character to life“. Florentino Fernandez explains how unheard of his character is, “he’s a villain that audiences sympathize with” as, as he admitted, “villainy in this film is more synonymous with mischief than evil”, which makes Minions: Gru’s origin in a “very sweet” movie.


The singer admitted that “I was in awe of Donna Disco when I left the studio to record, I ended up imitating her a lot.” Animated films have always been characterized by conveying meaning to the smallest viewers through their plot. Monica Naranjo is clear on this Minions: Gru’s origin you stay with “loyalty” that these little yellow characters refer to their favorite villain. The value that she herself considers “the most important thing in my life“.

The film, which takes place in the 70s, could not help but have music, which in this film is even part of the main plot. A soundtrack that both Monica and Florentino describe as “wonderful”. Both wanted to point out the importance at the “cultural level” Minions: Gru’s origin you can leave it to the children, as “they will be interested to know what happened in the 70s.”


If we think about the 70s, we remember not only their music, but also their fashion. Florentino Fernandez emphasized how well this fashion reflects “from the combination of colors, design to music.” Something that “kids go crazy about and grown-ups love”.

Minions: Gru’s origin out in theaters on Friday July 1.


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