A drawing made by Michelangelo as a child is up for auction, worth $30 million.


Christie’s to auction unpublished drawing in Paris on May 18 Miguel Angel, Nude youth (after Masaccio) surrounded by two figures.which was one of the few works by the artist still in private hands and was valued at 30 million euros (about $33 million).

This work was attributed to an Italian artist in 2019. It was sold in 1907 to the Drouot auction house as the creation of his workshop and went unnoticed experts until recently, Christie’s said in a statement.

The auction house calculated that it was the work of his youth, the late 15th century, and probably the artist’s oldest surviving nude study and sculptor.

Michelangelo recreates the trembling man depicted in Baptism of neophytesfresco by Masaccio (1401-1428) in the church of Santa Maria del Carmen in Florence.

The drawing will be exhibited in Hong Kong and New York ahead of the auction in Paris, and according to Cécile Verdier, president of Christie’s France, its discovery was an event in art history, as was its sale on the market.


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