A Detailed Guide About Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Boxes
Custom Rigid Boxes

We live in a time when digital marketing has taken over the world by storm. It is only fair to say that packaging companies and other related industries are not behind this race. If we talk about encasing precious valuables, Custom Rigid Boxes are the first that come in mind. 

Types of Packaging Material


Paper boxes are made from cardboard and are generally used for lighter products. They are also the most commonly used type of box as they can be mass-produced at an affordable price.


It consists of a wavy internal film squeeze in between two uniform layers. They are more durable and can protect products that weigh more than paper boxes.

Rigid Paper

Rigid Paper Boxes are sturdy and not flimsy. They come in flat pieces that assemble before use. In recent years rigid boxes have become increasingly popular and expected due to their versatility and strength. They can be used to package any item as they provide premium protection while also looking great on shelves and in packaging displays.

Rigid Paperboard

Rigid paperboard gift boxes are strong and durable, and they add a specific luxury to any item. However, some companies choose to use cardboard gift boxes because they are cheaper and lighter.

Preparation of Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes are manufactured using different techniques. Mostly, companies make them using cardboard sheets. These cardboard sheets are cut into the required size and then pasted together to make the box.

Some companies also utilize corrugated cardboard to make rigid boxes. Rigid boxes are more durable and more flexible in evaluation with further packaging solutions.

Comparison of Rigid & Cardboard Boxes

Rigid paperboard boxes are more durable and sturdy than corrugated cardboard boxes. These boxes are used to pack some high-quality products like apparel, cosmetics, gift items etc. Rigid paperboard is also available in various thicknesses.

Companies make it by using high standard materials as well. All these features make these boxes a top priority among manufacturers.

Styles & Shapes of Rigid Boxes Wholesale

Compared to the corrugated boxes, Rigid Boxes Wholesale is better looking, and hence they provide a premium look to the product inside them. Some of the regular types of rigid boxes are:

Ø  Cube Boxes

Ø  Pyramid Boxes

Ø  Tuck Top Boxes

Ø  Telescope Lid Boxes

Ø  Rectangular Boxes

Ø  Two-piece rigid boxes

Ø  Three-piece rigid boxes

Ø  Rigid set up folding cartons

Ø  Rigid tuck end auto bottom box

Ø  Rigid pillow boxes

These are some common types of rigid packaging that you can get in a standard way. However, if you have any special demand for your product packaging, customize your rigid boxes according to your requirement. The customized rigid packaging offers great help to make your product stand out from its competitor products.

Customization Features of Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

Custom Printed Rigid Boxes are the most famous and widely used packaging. They are eco-friendly, and one can reuse them as per the requirement.

Custom rigid boxes are also gift boxes and usually prepared with cardboard or Kraft paper. Not only you can customize them in any contour, magnitude, design, and style according to the wish of the product owner. You can laminate them with gold foil to give them a stylish appearance.

However, printing them with desired colors, logos, and pictures enhance their appearance and make them more attractive for customers. Rigid boxes have magnetic closures, making them easy to open and close. They give a premium feel to your product packaging. 

Suitable Products to Pack in Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes are sturdy enough to protect fragile items like glassware and crockery from damage during shipping or transportation. Customize them in any shape to fit different types of products like makeup kits, candles, perfumes, etc.

Rigid Boxes have a wide range of uses, with perhaps the most common being packaging items like shoes, jewellery, watches or other small accessories or clothing. They can also store and protect things like collectibles or memorabilia.

Why Brands Prefer Rigid Boxes Over Traditional Boxes

Rigid boxes are highly versatile to use for almost every product. They have become a popular choice among most brands because of their versatility and customizability.  You can get them printed with logos or any other design that you want for your products.

If you run a business, getting custom rigid boxes can be an ideal deal for your business. They will help you stand out from your competitors and give your brand a unique identity that will help you attract more customers and retain existing customers.

Picking The Exemplary Box is Necessary

Choosing the right type of box is essential when putting together a shipment. If you opt for a cardboard box that is too big, too small or the wrong style, your package could be damaged in transit. Rigid boxes are used for packing, shipping and storing different kinds of products. They are also known as folding cartons. 

Types of Custom Rigid Boxes

There are a number of rigid boxes offered in the market. Some of the common types are: 

Slipcase Boxes

These boxes have a sleeve on the outside that fits another box or a book to protect it. You can design them to hold multiple books or items inside them. These cases are typically covered with printed paper, cloth or leather.

However, you can add different patterns or designs to make them more appealing.

Pizza Boxes 

These boxes are also called tuck top auto bottom boxes. As the name suggests, restaurants use these boxes for pizza delivery and other purposes. Pizza boxes come in many dimensions and shapes. 

They have a cover flap to help secure the contents inside them. This makes it easier for customers to open their pizza once they get it delivered at home or the office.

This type of packaging offers ample space for printing information about your business and product. 

What You Need to Know For Choosing a Box Supplier

Many companies have taken a step forward in utilizing our potential and providing you with all the latest and trendy packaging boxes ideal for your products. They ensure you to provide you boxes made and print per your supplies.

When you choose a box supplier, there are many things to consider. The most important respect is whether the company offers the right type of box for your product. It is necessary to choose a firm that offers custom rigid boxes.

We have put together this easy-to-follow guide to help you choose the best type of Custom Printed Rigid Boxes for your shipment. By selecting the right size and proper box style for your shipment, you can ensure that it arrives safely to its destination. The choice, however, is up to you if you want a lightweight box that doesn’t cost as much or if you want something that is more rigid and will protect your product better


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