A demonstration parodies the protest against the TAV in Pamplona


Pamplona (EFE).- A parody of a Roman parade, led by a white wooden elephant, “international symbol of useless infrastructure”, rejected this Saturday in the streets of Pamplona the construction of the high-speed train (TAV), of which They asked that a colossal budget be allocated to social expenditure.

Called by the initiative “Orain ardura – Now responsibility”, several hundred people took part in the march, many with small protest signs, behind a main banner in Spanish and Basque with the demand “”TAV of the money for social spending”.

The demonstration, which ended in the Plaza de los Fueros as a Roman circus, was led by a large white elephant model with the phrase “Elephant txuririk ez. TAV Stop AHT” (No to the white elephants, stop the TAV), dragged by three people disguised as slaves from the time of the Roman Empire.

It was followed by a chariot with a “Caesar” who constantly drank wine, which was followed on foot by a cohort of Roman soldiers who set the pace to the rhythm of a batucada while its members recited lyrics alluding to the protest.

A parody of a Roman parade rejected this Saturday in the streets of Pamplona the construction of the high-speed train (TAV), of which they demanded the allocation of the huge budget to social spending. EFE/ Jesus Diges

Organizers explained that the white elephant is the “international symbol of wasteful, destructive and imposed infrastructure”, which “like the white elephants of ancient Thailand, cause more expense and damage than the hypothetical profits they should generate, causing the ruin of the intended beneficiaries”.

Thus, “Orain ardura” considers that the TAV is “the largest white elephant in the Basque Country, with more than 12,000 million euros in cost financed by public money which only benefits business elites and which will put us in even more debt”, by taking 456 million euros for its construction in Navarre and the CAV in 2023 in the midst of a global economic crisis and a clear impoverishment of the population.

With all this they made a parallelism of the conquest that the Romans carried out during the time of their empire, when they built great infrastructures with slave labor recruited from the occupied places, similar to their opinion to “the current imposition of a capitalist system that requires the development of large infrastructures such as the TAV built by exploited immigrant labor”.

For all this, they demanded “the immediate and definitive cessation of this work and that these funds be dedicated to guaranteeing decent living conditions for the entire population, by ensuring employment, health, education , pensions, housing, social services and quality care”. In short, that life be put at the center of politics.


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