A dangerous game for two Chinese children: Jumping recklessly from the top of the 22nd floor


Two children were recorded as jumping from point “a” to point “b” These images spread on the other side of the world. But things are not that easy.The key is where the game is played: the ledge on the top of the building with 22-story free fall To the slightest mistake.

The innocence of the two minors in practicing jumping was combined with the risk they were lucky enough to save.It happened in China Last October 24th, Xianning City, Hubei Province.

I don’t know if they have done it before or if they have done it again; according to local media reports, they were rescued by property personnel at that time.

The beginning of the video is an example of the proportions of the building and the dangers faced by the two minors at the top, who play like a campus. One is bigger and the other is smaller. The first one jumps from one point to another one meter apart, crossing the abyss.

The second child watched his family or friends march along the ledge of the building without realizing the possibility of making a fatal mistake.

These photos were taken by a neighbor named Yin, who expressed to the media the panic she felt when shooting. She rang the alarm Then they will look for the children, who knows who saved their lives.


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