A criminal network that sent hashish and marijuana to Europe goes down


Granada, (EFE).- Lto the Civil Guard, andTogether with Europol, he dismantled a criminal network that since 2019 had been sending shipments of marijuana and hashish from Granada – hidden in trucks and motorhomes – to Europe. The operation ends with the arrest of 37 people and the seizure of 350 kilos of marijuana buds and 65 kilos of hashish.

As the Armed Forces Institute reported this Sunday, firearms, high-end vehicles and more than 325,000 euros were also seized.

The so-called “Zadar” operation began as a result of information obtained by the Civil Guard of Granada during different interventions against drug trafficking, when common patterns and procedures were detected in drug shipments to Spain. Europe, led by a citizen of Eastern Europe. .

The investigators specified that the criminal network had a network of cannabis growers throughout this Andalusian province.

Transport in small quantities

The different managers of the plantations proceeded to cut them and transport them to the different storage points available to the organization, and four different supply routes were detected, so that each of them had a middle manager in charge of a warehouse and controlling different producers.

A criminal organization that sent shipments of marijuana and hashish from Granada has been dismantled by the Civil Guard, in collaboration with Europol. EFE/Civil Guard.

Subsequently, once the head of the organization visited the drug “nurseries” and selected the items according to the international customer who purchased them, a lieutenant was in charge of giving the order to the intermediate managers to withdraw the selected item from each warehouse to a charging station.

Then they organized the transport in small quantities which fluctuated between 40 and 60 kilos of packaged marijuana.
To make detection difficult, each of the transports was planned with different “modus operandi” and loading points, which made the police investigation even more difficult.

The main customers were in Germany, and for their transfer they used articulated trucks for the international transport of goods or caravans, posing as a tourist activity, where they hid the drugs in sophisticated double bottoms or camouflaged with the legal cargo.

Up to 28 check-ins in Granada and Marbella

The exploitation phase of the operation coincided with a cargo intercepted at dawn on the A-44 highway near the municipality of Dehesas Viejas, Granada.

Officers arrested one of the criminal group’s alleged perpetrators, in addition to seizing 57 kilos of marijuana and 22 kilos of hashish.

criminal network
A criminal network that sent shipments of marijuana and hashish from Granada has been dismantled by the Civil Guard, in collaboration with Europol. EFE/Civil Guard.

After this first arrest and after authorization from the Court of Instruction 6 of Granada, 28 entries and searches were carried out in buildings in 15 municipalities of Granada and another in Marbella (Málaga), with the participation of 300 Civil Guards.

During the operation, more than 350 kilos of marijuana buds packaged and prepared for shipment were seized, and various grow centers were dismantled with the apprehension of more than 3,300 cannabis plants.

They managed to seize 14 firearms in perfect working order, two sidearms equipped with a silencer and 17 high-end vehicles.

Officers dismantled a hashish-making lab and seized 65 kilograms of the substance.

More than 100 kilos of drugs per month

One of the key detainees in the plot had a safe in a bank in the capital, and after it was opened key documents were seized for the money laundering investigation.

This person ran a small grocery store and was building a house worth more than half a million euros which is under investigation for money laundering, in addition to having carried out the preventive seizure of all the assets of the organization.

Investigators estimate that the organization sent just over 100 kilos of drugs each month. EFE


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