A conditioner that prevents pickling between meals? Now it’s possible thanks to ‘Siluete’


There is no doubt that cosmetics have evolved to reach unimagined corners for humans. Although a few weeks ago a “magic blush” transparent and can adapt to the tone of every skin in the best way depending on the pH, now Archimea has appeared silhouettea lip balm that promises to be the solution to the problems of those people who like to eat a lot between meals.

Model paints her lips / Gtres

The cosmetics in question help the wearer not to skip the diet between meals through sensory stimuli such as taste, touch and smell, which directly affect the dreaded emotional hunger. To get that, this conditioner has ingredients of 100% natural origin from plant extracts and essential oils which helps curb the urge to drink snacks unhealthy outside of the five daily meals recommended by doctors and nutritionists. These are none other than menthol, Sichuan pepper, Eucalyptus essential oil, Capsicum Frutescens and Spilantes Acmella; six components that give freshness and a pleasant feeling to those who decide to try this innovative conditioner.

Siluete / Archimea lip balm
Siluete lip balm, which can suppress appetite between meals / Arquimea

It should be noted that these are the functions that it would perform silhouette in each of the three meanings mentioned. Primarily, the strong smell of menthol would act as a distracting stimulus for smell; on the other hand, even if it is not ingested, when it comes into contact with the lips, the combination of active ingredients will stimulate the chemoreceptors in taste; and finally, the applicator with massage device stimulates the microcirculation of the lips, while providing a pleasant feeling for the lips. Pipe. Three assets that prove it silhouette It can transport your senses to a world full of sensations, escaping emotional hunger and empty calories thanks to its equal parts stinging and lip-tingling stimulant. these two sensations help control non-physiological hunger to strengthen the ability to resist impulsesHow is the urge to consume? snacks crazy between meals to maintain the will to maintain a healthy diet.

Jessica Goicoechea paints her lips / Gtres
Jessica Goicoechea paints her lips in front of a mirror / Gtres

Still, from Aquimea would like to emphasize that silhouette it is not an appetite suppressant, much less a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. It is simply a stimulating product for local application, harmless and doseable as appropriate to support the conscious decision to eat better, making this task completely simple with all-natural products. And that means the team silhouette commitment to a healthy lifestyle, therefore they want to help all people reduce the desire to eat between meals, whether it is due to stress, anxiety or simply emotional hunger.


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