A company of men who clean women’s houses and give them orgasms if they want


A handsome, muscular young man knocks on the door of a middle-aged woman and begins to dance a sexy dance with her, taking off her clothes. The woman, afraid of being seen by the neighbors as she is married, forces him to enter the house to find out what is going on. Them friends gave her a stripper which explains that you can ask him for anything for the next two hours. Woman, GinaSally Phillips), she is so tired that she asks him to clean her house.

Frame “How to satisfy a woman.”

The young man, out of his amazement, begins to clean up shirtless, which worries Gina, whose marriage is going through a rough patch when the passion faded years ago. After being fired the next day from her job where she was in charge of audit companies during the financial crisis, she decides to buy the last company she audited, a house with a mover where a stripper works (alexander england). The idea is to turn a transport company into a company where waiters go home to customers to clean, and if asked, deliver them an orgasm.

Frame “How to satisfy a woman.”

This is the argument How to satisfy a womanmovie that will premiere this weekend Movistar Plus+ and that it is partly based on a true story. Australian director Rene Webster found inspiration in real business with the same characteristics as in Australia. A business run by two women.

Frame “How to satisfy a woman.”

Upon learning of this business, Webster was left with questions like, “Who are your customers? Who are these women who choose to pay for a sexual experience?” The director explains that the answers she found were “very different from what she expected”. So he began to develop a script for How to satisfy a woman.

Frame “How to satisfy a woman.”

How to satisfy a woman it’s fun dramatic comedy in which we see a middle-aged woman who decides to take charge of her life. The film in which we see effective Sally Phillipswell known series Mirandawith the BBC, or for playing a friend Bridget Jones. There are more “normal” men in the film. Full Monty as stately as Channing Tatum’s magicmike, although in reality the mission of the protagonists has more to do with the second than with the first.

Other platform releases

Nitram – Various platforms

Justin KurzelMacbeth) is the director of this psychological thriller penetrates the thoughts of the killer Martin Bryant, who in April 1996 35 killed and wounded 23 people in Port Arthur, making it one of the bloodiest massacres in Australian history. The person responsible for resurrecting Bryant is Caleb Landry Jones (let me out), whose performance earned him the Best Actor award at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Kurzel digs into the film in the soul of Nitram – the nickname by which the whole neighborhood knows Bryant – mentally retarded boylonely, ignored, short-tempered and sullen who one day meets Helen Harvey, a woman who lives alone with her animals and by which Nitram builds a life apart from everything. However, when he tragically disappears, anger and loneliness again seize the young man, forcing Nitram to descend into hell.

Numerous relatives and victims of the massacre asked that the project be abandoned due to the impact it could have on those affected. As a result, the film was shown in only two theaters in Tasmania, Australia.

Farewell to Jan – Prime Video

When your dear android named Yang, whom they consider a member of their family, suddenly fallsJake (Colin Farrell) look for a way to fix it. In the process, Jake discovers the life that has passed before him, reuniting with his wife (Jodie Turner-Smith) and daughter (Haley Lou Richardson).

Farm Christmas – Movistar Plus +

Christopher Wicks directs this romantic comedy full of plot and love, where anything is possible. The film is set in Australia during the Christmas season and tells the story of Emmy, a writer who, based on her mother’s diariesmanaged to convert my last order real success. The publisher has just offered her a millionaire contract, but first the editor-in-chief and her son want to see first-hand what the life Emmy tells about in her book is like. But there is a problem: this life does not exist. Emmy is just a random New Yorker who, with the help of her cousin and his husband, will have to pretend that her life is not hers. How long can this farce go on?

Frame from the movie “Christmas on the Farm”.

Katherine named Birdie – Prime Video

In the medieval English town of Stonebridge, Lady Catherine (known as Birdie) daughter of nobles Lord Rollo and Lady Aislinn. He lives at Stonebridge Manor, a home that, like the family, decline. With an unstable economy, albeit a very greedy one, Rollo sees his daughter as the solution to the problem. get out of bankruptcy by marrying her off to a rich man in exchange for money and earth. But Birdie is energetic, smart and enterprising, and she is ready to refuse any suitor in the most unexpected way. Her imagination, rebelliousness and deep belief in her own right to independence bring her into conflict with her parents. When the most evil suitor of all arrives, Birdie’s parents must undergo a crucible of love for their daughter.



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