A car exploded in front of a hospital in Liverpool (UK), killing one person


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British police Investigate the car explosion at the gate of New York State this Sunday Liverpool Hospital, In the incident that caused one death and one injury in the north of England, In principle, it is not considered a terrorist act.

The incident occurred shortly after 11:00 am GMT, at the entrance of the British Urban Women’s Hospital.Now they are The counter-terrorism department leading the investigation of the incident “as a preventive measure”.

A police spokesperson revealed to the media: “Unfortunately, we can confirm that a man has died and that a man has been transferred to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, there is no threat to his life.”

Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

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The same spokeswoman said, “The car involved was a taxi, which was parked at the hospital shortly before the explosion.”

The agents continued to work “to determine what happened,” and they warned from the body that it might take some time before the details of the incident were clarified.

We keep an open mind Regarding the cause of the explosion, but considering how it happened, as a preventive measure, with the support of the Merseyside Police, the counter-terrorism police department is leading an investigation,” the police said.


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