A brief greeting from entering NATO to the G20 summit: Sanchez meets Biden


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Just before entering the plenary meeting within the framework of “Global Economy and Health”, President Pedro Sánchez gave a brief greeting to US President Joe Biden. G20 Rome meeting.

According to the video posted by Moncloa, Sanchez and Biden shook hands and exchanged brief greetings for a few seconds. This is the second contact between the two presidents since they maintained contact on June 14 last year. A sort of Short talk At the opening ceremony of the NATO summit in Brussels, they walked 20 meters together.

Next, Sanchez paid tribute to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.Before the plenary meeting, Sanchez had been with Kristalina Georgieva, President of the International Monetary Fund.

Pedro Sanchez and Joe Biden greet each other and talk briefly

As usual, the meeting was held behind closed doors and no reporters attended, but-according to Moncloa’s sources detailed to accredited media-representatives of this international organization have temporarily calmed down the inflationary tensions that have hit the Eurozone. Therefore, as a transitional factor, although it did not set a deadline for completion. In addition, according to these same sources, the International Monetary Fund will have full confidence in the government’s recovery plan.

Sanchez also participated in another bilateral meeting with WTO Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, where other issues of global importance were discussed, such as climate change, pandemics Or the need to promote free trade. In addition, it is clear that the pandemic has brought major changes to the global economy, and countries must adapt to these changes.

After the plenary meeting was over, 37 members attended, speaking time for a few minutes, and arranged in alphabetical order of the country or organization they represented. Sanchez will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Pierre James TrudeauTogether with the new Secretary-General of the OECD, Matthias Coman, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

In order to complete the agenda of this Saturday, the first day of the summit that ends on Sunday, Sanchez will participate in a parallel meeting organized by French President Emmanuel Macron at the French Embassy in Italy, where other heads of state and The head of government will attend the meeting. European Union and Africa. It is expected that the last meeting will discuss the new EU Immigration and Asylum Convention.


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