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Want some fresh air and spectacular views? Hop, we’re going to Chassel in the Swiss Jura for a panoramic view of the three lakes and the Alps! what else?

Later the hollow of the vanI take you to a view of another place that is symbolic for the inhabitants of Neuchâtel…

From my village by the lake, you can see the white-topped Chasselar in winter, recognizable by its red and white transmission towers.The top of the Bern Jura (hence the canton of Bern Bern), which peaks at 1606 meters above sea level.

Back in Neuchâtel on a blue sky weekend a few weeks ago, I took the opportunity to go with my parents. Just to get some fresh air and take a walk…in the snow!

Chasselal antennas are used to transmit TV and radio broadcasts. Its tower is 120 meters high.

How do we get there? → By car, follow the road through Enges or Lignières to the Chasseral and park near the Hôtel Chasseral. A road also leads there from Nods, but is closed due to snow.

View of three lakes and the Alps

A path leads along the ridge to the transmission tower. When walking, we have our full attention! We completely dominate the Swiss Plateau and an extraordinary landscape unfolds before our eyes…

We see three blue dots, Lake Neuchâtel (the largest), Lake Morat and Lake Bian. And behind, shrouded in mist, the majestic Alps stand out!

We enjoyed the panoramic view from the top of Chasselal!Swiss Vacation Blog

The three lakes, from right to left, Neuchâtel, Morat (background) and Bian.

So, isn’t my Switzerland beautiful? 😉

On a clear day, you can also see two places that I tell you a lot about on my blog: Vosges Mountains in France and black forest in Germany. Today, we will only see the first hills of the Jura and the town of Saint-Imir below.

View of the Jura Mountains from Chasselal

A small scroll for a better view?I shared on Instagram environmental video From the top of the Chasselal over there. come with me!

In winter, you can imagine the landscape is white. Be careful when walking as the trails can be covered with snow and ice – this was the situation in early March and we had to be careful not to slip.

Cafe at Hôtel Chasseral

After being surprised, we stopped to warm up for a while.Hotel Chasselar, self-service available for coffee, tea or other. Terraces and tables by the window allow you to sit and enjoy the panoramic views. You can also eat (untested) hot pot or other home dishes there. And there are rooms for rent.

Hôtel Chasseral - View of the Chasseral Park

Lots of hiking possibilities in Chasselar Park

We were content to breathe fresh air that day.But when you come in Public transit In summer, this could be the start of a great hike to Bill, like this one Chassel Ridge!

or we can leave towards Chaumont in the other direction.

Sunny days are a great idea, I jot it down in my head…

Take a walk on the Chasselal in winter!

If you start hiking, you have to watch out for flora and fauna…and be cautious. We are in the Swiss Chasselaar Regional Nature Park (Information on biodiversity here). The Capercaillie has unfortunately disappeared from the park’s territory, but there is another mountain bird, the hazelnut.

Take a walk on the Chasselal in winter!

And you, have you ever climbed Chasselal? What are your favorite views of the Three Lakes? Because there are some really good ones around!

Other tips for walking in the canton of Neuchâtel on the blog!

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