A bittersweet return to Adele’s music

Adele Has returned to the music scene.The artist just released her new single, which she named Easy for me. It is a very special topic for her. “I think I want to explain to you through this album, When I was twenty or thirty years old, who am I And why I voluntarily chose to dismantle his entire life to pursue my own happiness. Sometimes it really makes him very unhappy.This is a real wound for me, and I don’t know if I will heal,” he admitted in an interview with Vogue, who inspired his new job. It’s about her son Angelo, her and her ex-husband. The fruit of marriage Simon CornechThis video received more than 15 million views on YouTube within a few hours, and then the singer became embroiled in a controversy.

Adele is on the move. /Gtres

In a scene in the video, you can see how dozens of sheets of paper start to fly out of a van. Donacaster -United Kingdom- is where the recording took place, which has attracted attention Adele Intentionally fined her through Twitter. “Unfortunately, since Adele’s video was apparently shot within Doncaster city limits, she will immediately be fined for littering,” the official report from the Doncaster City Council can be seen.

Adele Cuango won the Oscar in 2013.  /Gtres
Adele Cuango won the Oscar in 2013. /Gtres

However, the relevant person in charge initiated a new message, hoping to reach an agreement with the translation. Hello“We hope to reach an agreement with Adele. If we can use this image on our posters to prevent trash from being thrown on the street, then we think this matter is over,” they wrote, and attached Took a close-up of an eye Adele. Currently, the 2013 Oscar winner has no reaction to what happened.

The artist’s style has returned, and of course she has not disappointed her fans with her new project. The singer knew this through social networks, where he received countless emotional expressions. In addition, after Adele’s truce, the multiple-time Grammy Award winner was noticeably thinner.In the interview Fashion The reason for this new transformation is revealed, which of course will not be ignored.

He has lost about 45 kilograms, and the reason why he lost weight is because he exercises at most twice a day. Adele suffers from anxiety, and the only way to calm her down is to do some sports activities. “I realized that when I exercise, I have no anxiety. You have never tried to lose weight. I think if I can make my body strong, I can feel it and see it, then maybe one day I can make my emotions and my mind strong,” he said in the aforementioned fashion magazine Explained.

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