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While the shelter is saturated with massive abandonment, the 30 Million Friends Foundation shelter team recorded no fewer than five adoptions in a single day, including two 13-year-old deans (September 8, 2022). A rare time of year for this time of year.

A beautiful clearing in the sky above the 30 Million Friends Foundation Refuge. Marked by the mass abandonment in the summer of 2022, staff and volunteers were delighted to see five of their disciples head to the Tuileries (September 8, 2022). It’s a special and rare time at this time of year.

2 deans moved for adoption together!

The shelter is overcrowded, but there are still such happy dayssaid Reha Hutin, President of the 30 Million Friends Foundation. It’s great to see people correct mistakes other people are doing. Summer is a great time to welcome animals into your home. During the holidays we have all the time to take care of him so that he can successfully adjust to his new life. “.

Of the adopted dogs, two deans tragically lost their owners at the end of June, melting a family that came… just for them! ” The adopter came to the shelter because she had a crush on Fleurine, a 13-year-old Yorkerexplained Maud, Administrative Assistant Refuge in Tuileriesshe oversees the adoption with her colleague Corine. But when she saw Jack Russell Diana with her, she didn’t want to separate them.It’s a really beautiful moment because we really want them to be adopted together ”. Fleurine and Diana will be able to enjoy a wonderful retirement in their new home.

The New Lives of Hercules, Aslan and Billy

Heracles (left) and Aslan were fortunate to have found a new family. /30 Million Friends Foundation

Another beautiful story, the story of Hercules.Remember, a 2½ year old puppy is already Found connected to fellow Hera 8 days after owner left. Before Hera was adopted, the two animals were rescued by the 30 Million Friends Foundation and pampered in the shelter. Finally it was Hercules’ turn to know this happiness. ” The family came only for himhappy Maud. she has a real crush “.

Billy also leaves the shelter with a general sentiment and joins a new home. / Foundation 30 Millions d’Amis

The shelter also saw the departure of a 1-year-old Mastiff Cross Aslan and a 4 1/2 year old Shepherd Cross Billy. These adoptions would not have been possible without the staff and volunteers working every day under the leadership of Anne Puggioni, the director of the Tuileries Shelter. ” Many people find our animals on social networks or websites “, Maud noted.

The 30 Million Friends Foundation is especially grateful to those who have provided these survivors with a new (happy) life.

If you also want to give animals a new chance, Tuileries’ Refuge It is home to many cats and dogs waiting to return home.you can find them our website or open The Social Network of the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

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