’90-Day Fiancee’: Deavan Shares How He Spent His Days While Son Fights Cancer


The reality TV star is known for appearing with Jihoon Lee in 90 Days Engaged: The Other Way. She is currently taking care of her new boyfriend, Taeyang, who is pregnant and has B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

devan She took to Instagram to share what a typical day was like caring for her son Taeyang. She shared an emotional clip of the little 25-year-old boy shot in and out of the hospital. The clip showed Taeyang in his pajamas playing with his toys and visiting the doctor. The young mother broke down in the headline, sharing how “rude” it was to take care of the 3-year-old.

He also revealed that he goes to the hospital once or twice a week. He added that the boy is a “warrior” and responds well to treatment. He thanked everyone who showed support and love, adding that the GoFundMe account set up for Taeyang has reached its goal of almost $30,000.

Deavan recently shared an update about Taeyang’s cancer treatment.

Deavan also recently shared a bittersweet update about Taeyang’s cancer treatment. The 90 Day Fiancé star uses a GoFundMe page to share updates on her son’s condition and recently revealed that she’s been throwing up a lot here. However, recent updates show that Taeyang’s health is improving. Deavan’s mother, Elicia Clegg, who runs the site, recently revealed that the family was worried about the “platelet count” due to the little boy’s “nosebleed” during treatment, but his health was not adversely affected. Elicia said Taeyang’s latest treatment was “going very well”, she didn’t show many symptoms and “worked well even with a lumbar puncture.”

Elicia then went on to share that Taeyang has moved on to an aggressive “next phase of treatment” with a “20% allergic reaction rate”. However, the oncologist has a backup plan in case the new treatment fails, she said. She added that the experience was “overwhelming, confusing” and “scary”, but she praised her granddaughter for her strength in the face of painful treatment.

The family enlisted the help of 90 Day Fiancé audiences, who were sympathetic to the expectant mother. However, some fans refused to support Deavan, believing that he was using his son’s status to make money.

Deavan, who recently ended her custody battle with Taeyang’s ex-husband Jihoon, answered fans’ questions live on Instagram. Among other things, the reality star answered questions about Jihoon’s involvement in the boy’s life and stated that he hadn’t spoken to her in a while. He also hinted that the fact that he now has a fundraising event for Taeyang’s treatment is partly responsible for his situation with Jihoon.


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