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What to do in Bern Here are 9 ideas from the Swiss travel blog Yapaslefeuaulac.ch! I recommend the essentials for a first visit to the Swiss capital! Enough for a day to discover its charms…

No, uneducated travelers! When you see Bern, you will never again mistake Zurich or Geneva, the capital of Switzerland. In 1848, the federal government voluntarily settled in Bern, not in one of the largest cities, just like that, no envy. Another advantage? its central location.

Bern is my favorite city to take tourists to Switzerland! I find its medieval old town so charming…it sits on a hill surrounded by turquoise Aare. It was built in 1191 and retains its medieval charm. The UNESCO-listed historic center and its famous arcades are worth exploring while strolling!

That’s why I recommend 9 ways to visit Bern in this blog post!

→ The easiest way to discover Bern is to get there by train, as the station is located in the city center.To sleep you can choose different options like this youth hostel On the banks of the Aare, a Centrally located hotel or the address here more affordable.

Here are 9 things to do on your first visit to Bern!

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1. Stroll under the charming arcades

In Bern, the medieval old town revolves around covered arcade streets. A truly picturesque postcard! The arcade is 6 kilometers long! Suffice it to say that even if it rains, Bern is well worth a visit…don’t just stop on the main street with well-known signs, but also through the back alleys…they are a bit quieter and there are other heritage details worth admiring on the façade and more independent stores. Above all, try to pass in front of the magnificent Town Hall (City Hall) as you stroll through the city center.

From the station on foot: aim at Spitalgasse, pass Käfigturm, a 17th century tower, then continue along the Marktgasse until you reach the most famous tower, the Zytglogge (see next point). Then go on!

What to do in Bern 9 ideas on the Swiss travel blog Yapaslefeuaulac.ch!
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