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According to a survey by the NGO CIWF, the intensive and painful practice of cage farming still affects more than 85% of sows raised in France and the wider EU. The 30 Million Friends Foundation strongly condemns this model – largely rejected by our fellow citizens – and reiterates its call for public authorities to end it.

Shocking pictures! A CIWF survey of 16 European farms offering a “top” product attests to the suffering of caged sows in the EU. This excruciating pain affects almost all sows in France and Europe, as 85% of them are kept in cages.

“Their situation in these little cages is appalling”

Images released by international NGOs show sows kept in cages too small to move and forced to lie down in their own droppings. Their living conditions are so unseemly that they end up engaging in abnormal compulsive behaviors, such as iron-biting.

Their plight in small cages is shockingcondemning comedian Laurent Baffie in a video introduction released on July 7, 2022. Sows barely see daylight. They were kept in gestation boxes for 4 weeks and then in pup cages one week before birth. They get trapped in the feces”. Piglet’s fate is equally unbearable. “ They were born on bare soil and forced to breastfeed their mothers through metal fences. The weakest died on the spot . ‘ said the artist known for his commitment to animals.

EU commits to ending cage farming

Faced with this animal suffering, animal protection NGOs, including the 30 Million Friends Foundation, are calling on Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Marc Fesneau to end cage farming for good, while supporting the development of a framework announced by the European Commission.

On June 30, 2021, European institutions effectively committed to proposing new regulations to end the practice. ” She made this promise in response The historic success of the European Citizenship Initiative ‘The new cage-free era’ coordinated by CIWF and signed by 1.4 million EU citizensrecall the organization. However, it is still necessary to maintain this commitment and Member States to agree on this proposal to the Council from 2023 ”. Some countries have already gone this route, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria.

French government moves to end intensive farming

So from now on, it’s up to the French government” Encouraging regenerative farming practices and ultimately daring the essential transition to dignified and sustainable breedingthe NGO said. It’s possible, and it’s urgent! ”. Desire that public opinion generally desires, as 85% of respondents expressed support for a ban on intensive agriculture (Barometer Foundation 30 million friends/Ifop, 2022). Results are up 4 percentage points since 2020.

“Survey after survey shows the French are increasingly mobilizing to protect animalsReha Hutin, President of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, concluded. By making animal welfare their main focus, they are also asking public authorities to take ambitious and specific measures in this area. » Invite citizens to mobilize by signing agreements petition “Let’s open our eyes and look at the cage”.


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