8 Questions to Ask When Visiting a Dispensary



The idea of walking into a dispensary can be a tad overwhelming the first go around. Because of this, you will want to do your research before going in on what kind of strains you may be looking for. 

Also, what are you looking to get out of the experience? What kind of vessel will you be using? These are all important things to know, but luckily, you won’t have to have it all figured out before visiting a dispensary. Here are a few questions that may help you with your dispensary visit. 

1. What’s Fresh?

This is no different than a bakery or anything else where freshness matters. The truth is that the dispensary sells goods that were pre-made (or pre-cut) and will lose freshness over time. 

By asking what’s freshest, you can be sure you find the best quality. While this is something that you may not automatically think about, it’s something to keep in mind when asking questions. 

2. Do you Have Something That Smells Like…?

Think of the aromas you enjoy. Are you a sweets person or more of an earthy grounded scent lover? Chances are, there is a marijuana strain that matches your interest perfectly. 

When speaking with a budtender at the dispensary, ask if they have something with scent notes of citrus, floral, or whatever else sounds appealing to you. 

3. Ask for Strain Breakdowns

It’s no secret that people consume cannabis for a number of different reasons. When shopping for a strain that’s right for you, investigate what each of their strains does. 

For example, which strain is best for sleeping? Which strain is better for a more active day? Each of these is important to keep in mind to help find products that align with your preferences. No one wants to plan a day of adventure involving marijuana only to fall asleep after smoking! 

4. Ask About the Price

There’s no shame in shopping on a budget. Get specific about the price range you are looking for. Something you might want to ask is, “What could I purchase here for $40 for an eighth? 

This helps both you and the representative whittle down your options rather than creating things you can’t afford from the beginning. The price can vary greatly depending on the location and the specific dispensary. For example, what it costs in Illinois, may look very different from here

5. Is Anything Eco-friendly? 

Earth-lover? Don’t be afraid to ask about the eco-friendly options your dispensary offers. You can hone in on specifics like which plants were grown outdoors versus in a greenhouse. 

You can also check which strains used a high amount of energy with warehouses and factories, or search for a more down-to-earth company with a small, but mighty operation. Other features to look for include plants grown in compost or living soil and their flavor profile of those. 

6. How to Pay

In an ever-growing payment landscape, the ways one can pay can make all the difference. Something to ask is what types of money the specific dispensary accepts. 

Many dispensaries, due to taxes or laws, will only accept cash as payment. Others are fine to take cards, and some may not accept cash at all for documentation purposes.  It completely depends. This is an important question to ask from the get-go. 

7. Ask for the Reports

There are certain regulations and standards that dispensaries are accepted to uphold. For example, they should be testing the amount of residual pesticide to ensure that it is under a certain threshold. Ask to see the lab tests or see a terpene profile. This is important for the health and enjoyment of customers. 

8. Budtender Questions

Even if you don’t ask all the right questions, you can expect your budtender to fill in the blanks with a few questions themselves. They may ask how you’re going to consume your cannabis. 

That’s because they can recommend a strain that fits your smoking method best. They may also ask what kind of experience you’re looking for and recommend a train based on that. 


The world of marijuana is vast. There are a lot of layers to what you can receive. It is important for you to have a few questions on the ready and know yourself and what you’re looking to gain. Just remember everyone had a first time at one point. There is nothing to be worried about. Plus, the more prepared you are, the better you will feel. 


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