70-84. The Breogán wins with solvency in Murcia with an immeasurable Happ


Murcia, September 29 (EFE).- Río Breogán de Lugo won this Thursday a solid victory against UCAM Murcia (70-84) in a match in which they have always dominated.

The contribution of American center Ethan Happ was particularly instrumental, with 19 points, 11 rebounds and a PIR of 33 on his debut in Spain; that of his compatriot Scott Bamforth, author of 17 points; and the three hat-tricks scored by Sergi García in the final quarter against a rival who lacked continuity, lacked rebound strength and crumbled at the end.

It was a duel between teams with two very different teams compared to last season -eight signings at UCAM and ten at Breogán- and the staging was clearly better than the team coached by Veljko Mrsic.

The Galician team, which lost Erik Quintela, injured. started with much more energy and success and Sito Alonso was forced to call for the first outing of the match in just three minutes and with his team nine points after conceding a hat-trick scored by an old man like Bamforth (2-11 ).

Back on the track, the locals stepped up their defense and with some three points converted by Travis Trice and Thad McFadden they closed on the scoreboard (10-13). However, the reaction did not continue and Breogán closed the quarter with a five-goal lead (17-22).

The feeling was that those in light blue were setting the pace and in control against those in brown, who could not rely on their captain, Sadiel Rojas, due to the two-game suspension he had taken the previous year.

In a second quarter of offensive traffic jams (6-5 in more than five minutes), the gap was maintained and widened after two hat-tricks in a row by Bamforth, who already totaled 13 of his team’s 33 points, who led 25-33′ against a too erratic rival in his first year. Even so, the college team remained close due to some isolated actions from Jordan Davis and Trice and the break was reached 34-39 in the electronic Palacio de los Deportes.

Happ did damage in the area of ​​a UCAM CB who had no clear ideas and, in addition, missed the points of James Anderson -he finished with only three points-.

As a result, Breogán kept his cushion from the last two minutes of the third quarter (46-54).

Trice wanted to come to the rescue of his team but even with them the Murcians did not fully enter the match and started the last period with a -6 (51-57).

The continuity the college students lacked finally seemed to find it early in this quarter and a 7-2 run in three and a half minutes saw them cut the numbers to 58-59. Mrsic stopped it with a timeout and two consecutive triples from Sergi García and two inside baskets from an immeasurable Happ gave Lugo’s team plenty of air to the point that they reached their maximum advantage in the game and already four threes from the conclusion (63 -73).

Sergi García, from almost nine meters, nailed the blow again and condemned the shock (65-76) and the final stages became a formality.

The 70-84 finish mirrors what happened in a game where the Galicians grabbed 41 rebounds to the Murcians’ 28, another differential factor.

– Technical sheet:

70 – UCAM Murcia Club Baloncesto (17+17+17+19): Trice (14), McFadden (10), Anderson (3), Radovic (6) and Diop (5) -starting five-, Davis (11) , Klavzar (-), Luther (-), Bellas (5), Pustovyi (9), Sakho (1) and Jelínek (6).

84 River Breogán de Lugo (22+17+18+27): Hollatz (10), Bamforth (17), Momirov (-), Lukovic (4) and Happ (19) -five starters-, Sergi García (12), Nenadic (11), Brajkovic (2), Sergi Quintela (4), Arteaga (-) and Nakic (5).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo Navas, Alberto Sánchez Sixto and Roberto Lucas Martínez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the first day of the Endesa Basketball League which was played at the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia in front of 5,126 spectators.


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