7 reasons to use PPC advertising in 2020

7 reasons to use PPC advertising in 2020
7 reasons to use PPC advertising in 2020

In today’s world, all businesses are trying out newer ways to get seen and make their presence felt. Similarly, digital marketing has been one of the most prominent and popular methods everyone out there is implementing.

Digital marketing, too, is a vast ocean that consists of many other online marketing tactics. PPC is also one of them, and this online marketing strategy is becoming more and more popular with each day. Today, in this article, we will see in brief what PPC is and how it can best be used in 2020.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC or pay-per-click advertising generally refers to the ads that are shown up during searches in search engines. Also, just like the name suggests, PPC ads work on a pay-per-action basis, which mostly means the clicks. This means that advertisers will have to pay for each click on their PPC ads.

In addition, pay-per-click campaigns are a great way to get leads and increase visibility instantly. Therefore, without a doubt, PPC can prove to be an incredible investment that propels your business and profits to unprecedented heights. Now, let us take a look at the reasons as to why PPC is the marketing trend for your brand in 2020.

Reasons to Use PPC Advertising

Immediate Visibility

This stands out as the most prominent advantage of PPC over other tactics such as SEO. Once PPC campaigns are run, they will begin showing results immediately without any delay. This is not in the case of SEO, where one might need to wait for months to see the results. Similarly, we need to understand that in PPC, the money is spent only when people click or take some action on the ads. Therefore, all the free advertising and impressions that one can get from running PPC campaigns is a big plus point.

Optimizable and added Efficiency

We can run PPC campaigns by setting up the ads in any way we want. This type of marketing is highly customizable and allows the marketers freedom as well as the flexibility to create creative and effective ads of their choice. In addition, one can set up PPC ads by adding extensions, selecting specific locations, gender, age, and other different demographics and interests. Therefore, this makes PPC ads much more effective as it reaches out to the most likely customer base.

Highly Measurable and Trackable

Eager to run PPC ads for your business after we told you how customizable it is? Well, there’s even more. The advertisers can now track every single detail about how the advertising is going on by using PPC ads. This never used to be the case when people just hoped for the best results by investing in traditional ad forms. One can now get all the data about how the ad is progressing. Similarly, PPC campaigns also allow one to make the necessary changes after they see the stats and data. This helps the ads become more result-oriented and increases ROIs.

Better reach without algorithm worries

People can show their PPC promotions in any part of the world. This definitely proves that the reach of pay-per-click campaigns is endless. Also, by setting proper keywords and other metrics, the reach that one’s ads will get will be more specific and will reach out to a more relevant audience. Similarly, one need not worry about the constant algorithm changes in PPC campaigns. Whereas in SEO, one algorithm update can break all efforts that have been put before it.


Many people might actually think that PPC campaigns are costly as they tend to charge per click. However, this is not the case at all. This is because if the ads are run in a planned and strategized manner, the results it produces will overcome the expenditure by a huge margin. In addition, one can start running PPC campaigns from a minimal budget, making them affordable for all businesses. However, bidding is a factor that needs to be considered, and one should make sure that they aren’t outbid by others running ads in the same niche.

Set restrictions for more focus

PPC advertising channels also allow marketers to restrict the reach of their ads in as many ways as possible. This is a very useful feature of PPC ads that helps the campaigns kept relevant and streamlined as much as possible. In addition, one can set negative keywords, the timing of the ads to be shown, devices for the ads to be shown in, etc. This makes PPC ads extremely efficient and profitable.

 Competition to stand out organically is very high.

Every business with an online presence is trying to get visible through organic marketing practices such as SEO. Therefore, it is extremely difficult for one to succeed organically in digital marketing. Similarly, as we have mentioned, an algorithm change can entirely destroy all the efforts that have been put in SEO works. However, PPC advertising is a smart move as it reduces the pool of competitors by a mile, and one will be seen alongside the most prominent competitors in the searches.




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