7 Magento 2 Plugins Your e-Store Should Have in 2020

7 Magento 2 Plugins Your e-Store Should Have in 2020

The themes and extensions provided to you through the magento marketplace extensions are here to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your e-Store this 2020. These can be easily installed and they will take your sales to the next level. 

If you are looking for a miracle that could be a solution to all your issues in your e-Store then the Magento modules are here to revamp everything in your e-store this 2020. 

If you build your stores on the Magento platform it will surely provide flawless results by handling any queries as well as situations that you might face in the e-store. 

Here are some of the best extensions that you should have this year:

Top Magento extensions

  • Paypal Multi Currency Magento 2
  • Shop by Brand Magento 2
  • Store credit Magento 2
  • Paytrace payment gateway Magento 2
  • Price negotiation Magento 2
  • Customer Attribute Magento 2
  • Monico Payment gateway for Magento 2


  • Paypal Multi Currency Magento 2


Easy and secure payment is the main aspect any customer needs whenever they make a purchase on an e-Store and there is another important factor that comes into play while making payments that is the currency options. 

Most of the time customers do not have the liberty to pay in any currency. 

But with this extension, multi-currency payments are possible which will be a necessary addition to your e-Store. 

Increase the ease of payments for your customers by keeping the currency unscathed throughout their shopping process.

Features of the Paypal Multi currency Magento 2

  • Allows the payment in other currency including the base currency.
  • Customers can now place an order in whichever currency accepted by the e-Store.
  • The installation of this extension is quite easy.
  • Currencies can be used with the Paypal Express method as well as in the Paypal standard.


  • Shop by Brand Magento 2


Shop by Brands makes it easier for the customer to locate and see various other brands of products only with a few clicks. Therefore, this extension can surely prove beneficial to your e-Store this 2020.

A customer is keener on buying from the brand that they like and would love to find their brand easily. 

This extension for Magento 2 will bring this functionality to your e-Store and all you have to do is to install this. 

Features of the Shop by Brand Magento 2

  • Customers can easily locate their favorite brand and continue shopping.
  • You can easily set up the sidebar listing from the admin panel.
  • You can easily customize the look and feel.
  • It is easier to install and the modules can also be managed easily.
  • It will be easier to upload brand images and logos.


  • Store credit Magento 2


This is one of the Best Magento extensions that you can install for your e-Store as it can help you reward your loyal customers and give them in-store credit points.

The money in the credit points can only be utilized in your store and you can also store your customer refunds which can be used by the customers in the future. 

This extension makes your customer more loyal to your store as you are giving out so many rewards and help you build a stronger customer base.

Features of Store credit Magento 2

  • Customers will receive email notifications about their rewards and refunds
  • Customer can view their credit points on the account login
  • Customers can now use the money for any purchases in your store
  • This extension helps you build a stronger customer base
  • You can do manual updates easily and perform mass actions


  • Paytrace payment gateway Magento 2


If you are looking for a way to integrate a payment gateway in your e-store website design then you should probably install this extension as it will make it easier for your customers to pay for your products and services online. 

The payment can be automatically done after reaching the checkout page and that will make your customers happier.

Features of Paytrace payment gateway

  • You can use major credit and debit cards for your transaction.
  • It is easily compatible with Magento 2.2x as well as Magento 2.3x.


  • Price negotiation Magento 2


Your customers will absolutely love to bargain and with this extension, you give your customers the freedom to bargain their products at their own price. 

This extension will guarantee a great customer experience by giving them a chance to bargain and you can accept or reject the bargain by setting the lowest value parameter.

Features of Price negotiation Magento 2

  • The customers can now send a request of their quotes with or without creating an account.
  • The Admin can reject or accept the customer’s bargain.
  • If the admin accepts the quote requested by the customer they will then receive a coupon code that can be utilized for their purchase.


  • Customer Attribute Magento 2


You might want to collect some important information about your customer to provide them better services and that can be possible with Customer Attribute extension which is one of the top Magento extensions that allows you to create customers’ attributes of various types.

Features of the Customer Attribute Magento 2

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It will be very easy to install and configure.
  • You can easily create customer attributes of 6 different types.


  • Monico Payment gateway for Magento 2


You can now dream of having international customers pay through this payment gateway after installing this extension. 

As you will be able to accept payments globally and also perform transactions without limiting the time zones. 

You can now have as many customers from various demographics and geographical locations.

Features of Monetico Payment gateway for Magento 2

  • You can accept payment 24*7 without restricting to any particular time zone.
  • You can easily boost your sales and take your revenue to the next level.
  • It is easy to install and set up the payment gateway.

In summary

These are some of the top Magento 2 Plugins that you should have this 2020 to take your e-Store business to another stage and increase your revenues. You can now add various functionalities and enhance your website for a stronger customer base and consumer satisfaction.

About Author: Harshal Shah is CEO of Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Elsner presents you with the most powerful Magento 2 extensions that are developed and tested with great concern of the customers. These extensions are made by honoring all Magento standards that provide extensions of the native functionality and also improve greatly. Magento Plugins are now available for your E Commerce Website Designing Gurgaon at an affordable price which allows you and your customer to take advantage of the enhanced workflows, better performance, improved code, and advanced usability.

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