6 Simple Bathroom Updates for New Homeowners

We have made our peace with the pandemic, and since there are no more lockdowns, it’s about time you spend some quality time updating your home. The most neglected part of a house is its bathroom. People do not pay much attention to it – which is sad. So if you are looking to spruce your lifestyle, start with the basic foundations of renovations, starting with your bathroom. 

Are you unsure where to start? In this blog, you will learn about the bathroom remodeling trends in the latest real estate projects which will help you improve the functionality and transform the style. 

Creative trends for bathroom remodeling to try

New homeowners in citi housing Multan phase 1 can have their bathrooms remodeled if they feel the need for the much-needed oomph factor! Sure, houses in Pakistan are modern and ultra state-of-art, but let’s not forget about the bathroom styles. 

1- Impeccable color choice

An easy way to bring your bathroom to life is to add a dash of color! Plain white is too boring to begin with. Instead, come up with multiple color choices you can choose from. Keep the shower curtains, tiles, vanity, cabinets, or walls in mind to decide a contrast. You can come up with a fun pattern too! 

2- Update with a vanity

Are you tired of the old standard sink version? Why not update it with a brand new vanity? It’s a helpful addition to the bathroom, giving much space to put your toiletries. With vanity, you can come up with the new mirror addition too! 

The round mirror you have always thought about can now be a beautiful addition to your new home in Multan. Vanities are more functionally spacious and bring about a drastic change to the bathroom interior. You can choose from multiple modern, rustic, or even vintage options! 

3- More storage space

What’s wrong with more storage space? Nothing at all. The more the space, the merrier. Usually, bathroom counters or cabinets are cluttered, right? Once you have the vanity installed, your space about the toilet will be empty (as it is supposed to be), giving it a more spacious look. Besides, the cabinets below the vanity will become the perfect storage space for extra tissue rolls, towels, or cleaning stuff. 

Plus, you can also add fashionable baskets or bins to add more storage space for hair dryers, hair rods, curling iron, and so on. 

4- Light decor is amusable

You may not fancy putting up real plants inside a bathroom; purchasing artificial table-top plants are the perfect choice to bring a certain appeal. 

The bathroom window and vanity are the right choices to place small plant items to add more color to the available space. Besides, there are plenty of countertop decors available for the bathrooms you can utilize. Those are easier to buy from almost every supermarket. 

5- Add new fixtures

Working on a tight budget can start as small as buying new fixtures. A new faucet or showerhead will add a touch of modern taste and make your bathroom more appealing than the boring standard version you had been using. 

It does not cost you an arm and a leg to improve the bathroom. You can choose from gold or silver fixtures, adding more appeal. Some people also choose brass or aluminum-based fixtures. Whichever you decide, do not forget to clean it to maintain the shine. 

6- Add modern lighting

A simple tube light will not do it anymore. A myriad of fancy, contemporary bathroom lighting is available at reasonable prices for you to buy. 

Now you can fix the updated bathroom lighting with the new lights. Pendant lights are a good example, to begin with. We suggest you avoid yellow or cold lights. Go with natural and simulated lights for the right brightness level in the bathroom. 

Our verdict

When choosing the new bathroom remodeling ideas, keep your home architecture and interior in mind. When remodeling any part of the home, it is easy to forget the expenses that come along with it in your excitement. Keep the budget in mind before planning the bathroom remodeling. Avoid rushing into renovating the space; instead, to improve the overall decor, consider making a checklist to make sure you can plan the decor most affordably. 

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