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A young French company has developed smart reflector technology that can control electromagnetic waves at will. The device can redirect Wi-Fi, satellite, radar, and even 5G airwaves without adding particularly power-hungry and expensive relay antennas.

Airwaves from phones, internet boxes, Wi-Fi and even 5G antennas are increasingly overloading indoor and urban environments. Saturation often makes connecting to your phone or computer very difficult. This phenomenon is caused by waves trapped between the walls bouncing off in all directions. Furniture can also interfere with good reception of radio signals.but young french shot green wave Created in 2016, it solves this problem by developing a surface in the form of a small board, the structure of which is reconfigured in real time in order to Automatically redirect 5G waves to your receiver.

As a result, these small devices eliminate disconnection areas, explains Greenerwave co-founder Geoffroy Lerosey: ” Once there are obstacles in your environment, such as furniture or machinery, you will end up with connectivity issues because your devices are no longer communicating directly between the source and receiver. To overcome these types of problems, we are currently adding stations that transmit waves. But this approach greatly increases infrastructure costs and is not good for the environment because these base stations consume a lot of energy. Our innovation is based on smart materials that control wave reflection. These micromirrors consist of small cells that use small electronics to change shape to redirect radio beams. The technology is suitable for 5G reception in complex environments and also for connections to satellites. These new low-cost antennas consume five to six times the power of current systems, while providing optimal wave reception and very low energy consumption. »

Specifically, Greenerwave’s smart reflectors are lined with liquid crystals that can deform at will.called pixels designer, these micromirrors change their structure under the action of low voltage. It is managed by software embedded in electronic circuits to redirect radio waves directly to the device you want to connect. Ultra-sensitive flat antennas for satellite signals, connecting barcodes to instantly purchase invoices in shopping carts, driving of factory robots or even receiving radar waves from self-driving cars, this type of device is suitable for industrial environments, offices and all that may be needed The environment is saturated with 5G’s mmWave.

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