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When you think of summer, productivity doesn’t always come to mind. Like most workplaces and freelancers, Google Workspace is very popular and essential to managing work, but many of the features that help make it a breeze are not widely known. The following five tips will help you better organize your Google Drive and get the most out of your account, so you can work less and have more time in the sun.

Delete old files and folders that are no longer needed

We have a lot of files on our computer. All these files, photos, etc. may no longer be needed and should be deleted. Ideally, you should back up your computer regularly. If not, be sure to make a full backup of everything on your Mac or PC before deleting individual files.

When you’re done, browse the folders on your computer that typically hold content, and sort the files within them by date. Delete those you no longer need, especially those older than a year. If you’re running low on storage, sort files by size and delete larger files, assuming they’re no longer needed.

Set labels and filters to organize your inbox

Email is a valuable tool, but if not organized properly, it can be aggravating. Gmail has long offered a labeling system that allows users to categorize email using a color-coding system. This makes filtering easier and perfect for the task when unnecessary messages need to be removed.

In the future, consider Kiwi for Gmail, which takes filtering to the extreme with a targeted inbox. With this feature, you can collapse messages by day or week, separate messages with attachments, and more.

Use the app to save time

There are plenty of time-saving apps on the market, and spring cleaning is a great time to get started. Clockwise and other services, instead, can create more innovative daily schedules for individuals and companies. Try it for free, Clockwise optimizes your schedule by rescheduling conflicting meetings and freeing up uninterrupted blocks of time. By doing this, you can focus on the things that matter most.

For example, our app Kiwi for Gmail makes it easier to delete spam and more efficiently organize your newsletters and other bulk emails that tend to pile up after visiting online stores and other sites. This app allows you to easily unsubscribe from mailing lists you no longer need.

If you’re finding it difficult to bring orders to your email or calendar, Kiwi for Gmail and Clockwise are great places to start. Use the summer as an excuse to change the way things are done for the rest of the year.

Use color coding to distinguish different file types

Google isn’t the only company offering color codes. You can find similar file and folder organization tools for Windows 11 and macOS Monterey. Both operating systems offer built-in color coding, the latter including a wider range of products. Either way, third-party software tools on both systems add depth to the color-coding of files and folders. Start with native options, then move on to other solutions as needed.

One way to use color to separate content is by its priority, perhaps using red to represent your most important files. You might also consider using one color (or different shades of the same color) to separate work and personal files. Your best options will vary depending on your needs.

Rename files to make them easier to find

Do you remember browsing these files and folders on your computer to find the ones you want to delete? The process is much simpler if you can tell what they mean by name. In other words, using “document-1” and “book-1” as filenames is not entirely ideal. Instead, get into the new habit of naming files and folders to make them easier to find later. Create a system from all available ideas, systems and AI.

Use Summer as an opportunity to rename files and folders to make them more descriptive. This makes it easier to find files in the future. For example, you can rename files by adding department or project names, labels, dates, and more. The choices are endless.

Whatever you do, be consistent and continue to follow the name change process. Then you’ll be glad you did.

There’s a lot you can do to better organize your space and digital life during spring cleaning. Follow the five tips above and you can get your inbox, files, and folders in order. Best of all, none of these suggestions take that long to complete, giving you more time to do more fun things. good summer!

Featured Image Credits: Photo by Caio; Pixels; Thanks!

Amanda Marcotte

Amanda Marcotte is the VP of Growth and Marketing for Kiwi for Gmail, a desktop app that takes the features we love and rely on in Gmail and Google Workspace and separates them out of the browser.

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