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A must for my visit to German cities! What to see, what to do, and most importantly, where to swim in Baden-Baden! Here are some tips for organising a small onion weekend in the spa town not far from the Farid border, especially Strasbourg.

Baden-Baden, you must have heard the name. Located in Baden-Württemberg in the heart of the Black Forest, this place is clearly a popular spot for spas. But not only that! You’ll find its charm makes it an excellent destination for a quiet weekend. Baden-Baden’s interest goes beyond its luxurious resort town aura! It is surrounded by wooded hills and has a beautiful 1900 heritage.I think you have to visit in spring or autumn Enjoy the most beautiful environment! The wisterias, parks and gardens in the city centre are particularly striking during these seasons.

I have taken you to the black forest Natural Aspects on Blog, and now we’re off to enjoy a super famous resort town!

Baden Baden is well square According to the tourist office. For those who are already laughing at its name, I remind you that there is indeed a place in Lorraine, France called… Bains-les-Bains! Baden-Baden has had this interesting compound name since 1931, before it was called “Baden of Baden” to distinguish it from other German regions of the same name.

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From Basel by train: 1h30
By car from Basel: 1h45
By car from Mulhouse: 1h35

a lively city

Baden-Baden is a popular destination that once attracted wealthy Europeans and Russian nobility. Its peak: the 18th century. Frenchman Jacques Bénazet made it more popular by developing a casino. Where I can blame it in Baden-Baden is that the city focuses on international tourism with a certain status, with luxury or glittering shops. This lively side is not my style at all, it makes my tastes callous.

But by choosing where you look, you can take advantage of the city’s heritage and charm, it would be a shame to miss them! For those who are used to German prices, you will see here that they have taken the elevator. For example, food prices are much higher than in Heidelberg. So be careful not to fall into the tourist trap: at the end of the post, I give you my good address at an affordable price.

→ On the blog, here are two other ideas for German cities where to spend a good weekend: Freiburg or beautiful Heidelberg!

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Where to sleep in Baden-Baden
I stayed overnight at a hotel in a great location, had a great breakfast but in an old fashioned style and most importantly received a very mixed welcome (Hotel Etol). So, between us, I suggest you find another place in this area that is very close to the city center, For example Hotel Löhr or Merkur, looks great!

7 things to do in Baden-Baden

A must for my visit to German cities!

1. Take a walk on the Lichtentalallee


My favourite in Baden-Baden is the Lichtentalallee Park! This beautiful walk through the park crossed by the Oos River is punctuated by charming iron bridges. Its elements date back to the 19th century. We admire the unshy mandarin ducks, dippers and other birds that inhabit the creek. Gorgeous trees make the driveway beautiful in the fall I visited. Highlights of the visit: the Bénazet pavilion, gorgeous (named after the founder of the casino). On the Bellevue Bridge, dotted with white lanterns, I recommend crossing this charming passage and grabbing a hot drink at the Bellevue Cafe opposite. Chic and totally dated! If it’s Kafee-Kuchen time, maybe you’ll love pastries!

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