5 purposes that a patch panel serves

5 purposes that a patch panel serves

All of us have some sort of setups in our homes or offices that require cables and connectors. Those setups are either a studio, a home theatre setup, a computer network setup at home or office, and many more other setups. Every kind of setup like this needs a proper system of input and output cables and much more related to networking. You have to connect many devices together with the cables that are suitable for those devices and have to go through a whole cumbersome and hectic procedure for it.

Patch Panels have started being used in the setups that are done now. Many problems that people used to face before because of the not so flexible manner of doing a setup that involves cables are not faced now because of the use of patch panels. A patch panel can be called a device or unit that consists of a number of jacks. Circuits are connected and routed through patch panels for easy connection and monitoring in a more flexible way than before.
Patch panel has proved to be helpful for setups in which there is a chance of cables getting cluttered. We are here to tell you about the purposes that a patch panel serves.

Improved internet access:
We live in a world where wireless connections are used more than wired connections. But what most people don’t know is that a wired connection is always better than a wireless connection. A patch panel lets a computer have access to multiple LANs plus it also protects against electrical or radio jamming as a patch panel uses an anti-interference technique. These reasons and few other ones are the basis on which we can say that a patch panel provides improved and stable internet access.

Contains Multiple Ports:
Did you ever feel like that every time you buy a device you are not able to find enough ports in it to connect all your devices to and end up buying other more devices and cables for a setup? I am sure you must have faced it many times in your life. We are here to solve this problem of yours. Patch panel has multiple ports for input and output. All the devices are easily connected through it. Patch panels are of many types. Like for smaller networks you can go for patch panels with few jacks and vice versa for huge network setup.

Flexible Installation:
Installation is a process that many people find very difficult as it requires many things and time especially if the installation is of a thing used in a networking setup. A path panel has solved this problem for people too. Installing a patch panel is as simple as it gets. Many people overlook this benefit. A panel provides direct links like for example if you have to expand your setup all you have to do is take an extension out of it and you are good to go. So basically it has a very flexible way of installation.

Repaired Easily:
All of us dislike it when damage is caused to any of our devices because of two reasons. One reason is because of it being expensive and secondly because of the complex repairing procedure. But that’s not the case with patch panels. A patch panel is repaired easily. Any damage that is caused in it is on the sides that are exposed. So it serves to save your repair cost by being repaired easily at a very economical cost.

Prevents Cable Fractures:
How many times have you faced an interruption in your connectivity because of your cable getting damaged or getting broke from between? I guess many times. When we use a setup so a lot of cable movements occur and because of the cable movements many times cable fractures occur. But if you are using a patch panel then the patch cables are used in it for the connection and a patch cable is made from a stranded conductor that is known for preventing a cable from breaking or getting damaged. Patch cables used in patch panels serve to be a good quality cable and saves you from facing a connectivity issue because of cable fractures.

These were the purpose that a patch panel serves its users. When you will start using it you will feel the difference between a patch panel and the other networking device or unit used in the setup. But you need to consider one thing before buying a patch panel that the cables that you are using are suitable for the patch panel. For example, if you are using Cat6 plenum cables just make sure your patch panel is suitable for it. Look for the suitability and use it in your setup and you are good to go. You should purchase it for your setup.

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