5 alternatives for women who hate wearing bras


5 alternatives for women who hate wearing bras

There is good news for women who find bras uncomfortable.

Before girls hit puberty, they were free to play rough with boys, but once they developed breasts, they had to be more careful and more aware of their bodies. They were introduced to a life of breast imprisonment called bras.

Personally, my mother was very strict about wearing bras, even at home. She didn’t want my breasts to be left unsupported, especially when visitors came.

But bras are the most uncomfortable pieces of undergarment, especially underwired ones, which, by the way, have been linked to breast cancer.

But not all of us can be subject to wearing bras all our lives. So what are the alternatives if you want to give up bras?

1. Go braless

Accept the shape and size of your breasts, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it: all breasts are beautiful.

My mother always complained about my small breasts and made me wear bigger bras to pump them up.

I didn’t know that having small breasts was a blessing in disguise because I didn’t always have to wear bras, especially when wearing thick clothes.

Those with larger breasts may face a challenge if they decide not to wear a bra, especially if their breasts are too heavy and causing back pain, but if they don’t feel that way, they might as well not wear a bra.

2. Wear bra pasties or chest strap

Breast tapes are adhesive fabrics that keep the breasts in a fixed position. They help women to have a more pronounced neckline and shape their breasts.

Empanadas can save you from an unfortunate slip. They are small cloths or pieces of paper that cover your nipples if you intend to go without a bra or wear an outfit with a wide neckline.

3. Wear a bandeau or tube top

Bandeaus or tube tops are extremely cozy. They keep your breast in place and don’t weigh you down. They also prevent nipples from showing under clothing and can be worn with sleeveless clothing.

4. Bralettes or sports bras

The bralettes are loose but fitted. If you’re looking for comfort and support (especially if you’re a plus size), bralettes are a good option. The only problem is that you can’t wear them with sleeveless outfits.

5. Shapewear

Shapewear is becoming more and more popular due to its usefulness. They give definition to women’s bodies, hide excess belly fat and make bras unnecessary. They can also be worn by women of any size.

As a final note, we should add that bras are not all bad; some are really comfortable, for example the adhesive bra.

Also, there are some outfits that require you to wear bras, especially push up bras. So walking away from bras forever may be wishful thinking.



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