43-year-old quadriplegic patient, the first patient in Italy to be allowed to undergo euthanasia


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A 43-year-old quadriplegic patient who has been bedridden for the past 10 years and is the first patient authorized Suffered from medically assisted suicide in Italy, After the Constitutional Court established this right in a ruling in 2019.

“The ethics committee (of the public health service) found that The man is within the established conditions Assisted suicide by the Council for the first time in Italy”, today announced the Luca Coscioni Association, which has been supporting A law regulating euthanasia was introduced in Italy.

“Mario”-a fictitious name used to hide the identity of the patient- I have asked the hospital for more than a year From the Marche region (Eastern Central), he was followed “to verify his health in order to legally obtain a deadly drug in Italy to end his suffering”, which is a term stipulated in the constitutional ruling.

After the first refusal of the Marche (ASUR) regional service, the mediation ruling, and the final ruling of the Ancona court, plus two legal warnings against ASUR, Mario finally won the approval of the ethics committee. After the medical experts of Group A Confirm that you have the right to obtain legal means of assisted suicide.

“I feel lighter, I have got rid of all the pressure accumulated in the past few years“According to a statement from the Coscioni Association, Mario said after learning of the decision that the association accompanied him on the legal journey necessary to realize his wishes.

Philomena Gallo, Mario’s co-defender and organization secretary, is pleased with this decision, although she thinks “Very serious, it took so long”.

Now, “We will work with experts to provide detailed information on the method of self-administration of drugs that suits Mario. The ruling of the Constitutional Court stipulates that the public structure of the National Health Service is that he explained that he is only responsible for the territory in charge The ethics committee verifies these methods before.

Public health “hidden in the lack of The law that defines the procedure” Mario Cappato, the treasurer of the association, stated that the parliament was paralyzed because “three years after the request of the Constitutional Court was still unable to approve the parliament.”

“The result of this institutional irresponsibility is that people like Mario look Even forced to endure judicial torture, In addition to the physical and mental pain caused by his illness,” he added.

Although “the decision of the Ethics Committee may soon allow Mario to achieve the goal he has been asking for for 14 months, and to set clear rules The question of going beyond suicide assistance And to regulate euthanasia in the broadest sense, the intervention of the Italian people will be necessary, and the referendum will legalize partial consent to murder.”

Last month, Gallo and Capato submitted a petition signed by the following persons to the Supreme Court 1.2 million people Call for a referendum on euthanasia.


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