40% of French teachers strike to protest Covid deal


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The French school endured a one-day strike on Thursday with widespread support from teachers and professors to protest the repeated incidents. Changes in anti-coronavirus regulations and against the “erratic”The performance of Emmanuel Macron’s government.

Statistics from the Ministry of Education show that 40% of teacherss participated in a strike, a percentage different from that of the union, which estimated a follow-up rate of 75%. Many schools had to close, with an estimated one in two primary schools not open.

mobilized and also received major support parent meeting France, education assistant and leftist party, which is in the middle of the country’s fifth wave of covid, has seen daily infections surpass 300,000 in recent days.

“We want to have a real agreement Fighting the virus for the benefit of students and education professionals, not changing every two days,” he told EFE Jules Giran, deputy secretary general of the SUD union, marches at a protest rally in Paris, which started in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Agreement Change

In one week, Emmanuel Macron’s chief executive has revised the rules for welcoming students three times.The last one takes effect Relax the rules Use suspension as a last resort.

“Better to close classes with cases than to keep them open at all costs (…) I only had three students available the other day, what happens to those who aren’t there? How do they recover lost?” Paris Lilia Larbi, an English teacher at an academy, said she was a member of the UNSA union and a member of the demonstrations in Paris.

Those teachers who met in other big French cities, such as Lyon, Marseille or Bordeaux, also they denounced their lack of means Used to fight epidemics, such as surgical masks and carbon dioxide sensors to monitor air quality in classrooms.

In addition, they reject the way the Ministry of Education, led by Jean-Michel Blankel, behaves. “We found Agreement Change by the media. It’s not very interesting,” said the rabbi.

Since January 2 last year, teachers have condemned Puzzled With the anxiety and anxiety caused by frequent changes to the protocol, the government has reason to adapt to the evolving reality of the pandemic.

That day, on the eve of returning from the Christmas holidays, Blank announced the new rules in an interview posted online, which have since been revised twice, the last time on Monday.

This change relaxes the standard Close the course Because the executive estimates that closing a single positive in practice will force bolts to appear in all educational centers due to the expansion of the omicron variant.

Chief Executive Macron boasted that France had one of the fewest school closures in the two years of the pandemic.

However, this new protocol requires perform self-test The approach was widely rejected among students who had come into contact with someone infected with the virus, and also by parents who did not want their children to be retested.

The pressure exerted by the protest is beginning to bear fruit. first minister, Jean Castex, agreed to meet union leaders this Thursday, via videoconference in front of Blanquer and Health Minister Olivier Véran, who has been questioned because he has contracted covid.


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