4 simple Halloween makeup ideas


One of the scariest parties of the year is here, you can already write down these thoughts Easy makeup Halloween. Well, you must have a party and you will not be ignored. You must be scary, except for your special costume, it’s time to make up with black people and other people.

We show you these makeup and techniques to give you an irresistible appearance. Score good so that they last longer, because some people can’t finish the party as usual.

The best ideas for easy makeup for Halloween

Use specific cosmetics according to the occasion

Makeup Nuria Adraos and Peoople showed off her makeup skills for this Halloween.

At this point, she recommends the use of specific cosmetics for this occasion: Strong and long lasting shadow. Although it can be applied cosmetic We have it at home, and the artist recommends using BPerfect’s Carnival Palette. It must be considered that to achieve special makeup, such as Halloween or any event makeup, it is necessary to bet on products that can achieve color intensity and durability.

Halloween Nail Art

For this day, the nails were painted in different colors. From red to orange to black. ORLY Glow Up enamel provides these and more colors because they glow in the dark. They are amazing!

For example, in Manicure Pumpkin style, It is convenient to match with a touch of green to make them more conspicuous to the base, or to simulate the night of the living dead.

“We bet on enamels such as Sunset Blvd or Red Flare because they are similar to blood and internal organs. If you dress up as a skeleton or Celebrity Spotting to get the appearance of a complete vampire, you will be on Front Page and Up All Night”, Orly’s The official manicurist Monique Aguilar explained…

Rhinestone eyeliner

You will be the queen of the party, because of this very different appearance, you may impress everyone. Therefore, according to makeup artist Cristina Lobato, you should start this eyeliner with a thin brush and black gel eyeliner. We apply makeup from the tear zone, which is very flush with the eyelashes.

Then draw the end of the eyeliner, according to the shape of the eyeliner we want to draw, starting from the wet line of the lower eyelid towards the temple or eyebrows.and Place rhinestones or any decorative accessories, Be sure to apply a few small dots of transparent eyelash glue on the eyeliner first, and then we will use tweezers to glue each piece of pebbles.

Dark and tinted lenses

If you don’t have much time, they suggest that we apply makeup within 10 minutes from the Treatwell platform and bet Dark eyes and lips. You can use black or red tones of “smoky eyes” to repair the protruding parts of the eyes, and draw spider webs with the help of “eyeliner”.

Among them, you can use Chameleon Colourfun to conquer the highly pigmented metallic colors. Thanks to cocoa butter, aloe vera, rose hips and vitamin E, it can care and moisturize your lips. Or use Chameleon Mask Defining eyelashes, which has a thick black effect and long-lasting combing eyelashes to produce a false eyelash effect, which is both scary and beautiful. With this simple Halloween makeup, you will succeed.

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