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Even though it halloween season, not all new Netflix movies and shows this month are about ghosts and murder. If you don’t like Ryan Murphy’s new graphic series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, we’ve compiled a list of upcoming Japanese productions that will be much more fun (and less hassle) to watch.

Featuring the 2021 love story “We Made a Beautiful Bouquet” and an animation produced exclusively for Netflix about a woman who is stuck in a society full of attractive, single men (oh, horror!). Please note that there may be geographic restrictions.

4 new Japanese movies and series

We made a beautiful bouquet

Intrigue: After both twenty-two-year-olds missed the last train out of Meidaimae Station, the paths of Mugi Yamane and Kinu Hachiya cross. The two eventually fall in love, even though getting to know each other and finding happiness at home, while adjusting to the lives of young working professionals in the city, they fall in love with each other.

Overview: Produced by Nobuhiro Doi, this tender and quiet drama spans five years. Real performances by Masaki Suda and Kasumi Arimura protect us from cheesy gestures. The two performers feature a truly convincing young couple who go through all the ups and downs that an ordinary young couple would go through Tokyo can be found in real life.

Release date: October 14, 2022

A romantic killer

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Intrigue: Anzu, a high school student, describes her ideal situation as being at home in tracksuits and enjoying pets, computer games and chocolate. Despite her absence interest in anything to disrupt her comfortable routine, her life is turned upside down when a mischievous little wizard appears from a computer game and declares her willingness to help Anzu find a lover.

The wizard then places Anzu in a dating simulation world that lacks her favorite activities but is inhabited by gorgeous young bachelors. Anzu is annoyed by this and decides to avoid all romantic encounters so she can go back to munching snacks in her room like a typical teenage girl.

Overview: ‘Aggretsuko’ fans will enjoy the slapstick humor and non-conformist hero of this upcoming production anime. Based on the manga by Wataru Momose, this hilarious new animation is for anyone who has ever been harassed by pushy family members due to their romantic status.

Release date: October 27, 2022

tiger and rabbit 2

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Intrigue: In a world where superheroes are managed, treated and paid like sports stars, veteran superhero Kotetsu not only fights the bad guys, but must also be at the top of his game to keep TV company that employs him before firing him. Kotetsu is encouraged to team up with a newcomer on-camera crimefighting alongside a child superhero named Barnaby Brooks (or “Bunny”) to increase viewership.

Overview: Produced by Masayuki Ozaki and Keiichi Sato, this hugely successful series is set in a bustling city reminiscent of 1970s New York. Fans of the anime are delighted with the show’s odd duo. The second season of “Tiger and the Bunny 2” will start in the first week of October, but the first two seasons program are now available on Netflix.

Release date: Episodes will resume on October 7, 2022.

Spy x Family

Netflix movies, anime and series

Intrigue: A secret agent is looking for a wife and adopts a child to put on the cover of a typical family member and complete a mission. He chooses a woman to be his wife, but has no idea that she is murdererand his foster child turns out to be a telepath. Although each member of the three is focused on their task, they quickly adjust to their new relationship and finally begin to feel more like a real family than they imagined.

Overview: Who would have thought that a series about a cunning assassin and a serious spy would turn out to be so touching? Besides sardonic humor and great graphicsthis 2022 anime series is full of joyful material that we all desperately need.

Release date: Episodes will resume on October 1, 2022.

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